How to Check Ecobank Account Number

If you’re looking for a way to check your ecobank account number, this article is just what you need. We’ll go over the different ways that you can check your ecobank account number and also provide some other tips on how to avoid scams.

Onceyou read through this article, you will be able to confidently access your ecobank account and know what steps to take if someone tries to scam you by asking for personal information.

Ecobank is one of the largest banking institutions in Africa and offers a wide range of financial services. In order to make sure you are accessing your account correctly, it’s important to know how to read your Ecobank account number properly.

Thefirst 8 digits represent the branch code that identifies what region or country an Ecobank customer is in. After that there are 2 sets of numbers which together represent the bank account number, followed by a check digit at the end which verifies that all numbers have been entered correctly. If you’re not sure about anything on this page, be sure to contact customer service for more information!

Checking an Ecobank Account Number

An Ecobank account number is made up of 10 characters. The first eight digits represent the branch code that identifies what region or country an Ecobank customer is in, and the last three digits are a bank account number followed by a check digit at the end which verifies that all numbers have been entered correctly.

Ecobank accounts are unique and complex. Each account is made up of 10 characters which include the branch code that identifies what region or country an Ecobank customer is in as well as a bank account number followed by a check digit at the end  which verifies that all numbers have been entered correctly.

Ecobank has made it easier for customers to know about their account status by introducing the ecobank mobile banking which is now available as a feature on all ecobank cards.

This new system allows ecobank account holders to check their account balance and history, make transfers from one of your bank accounts or send money through  ecobank mobile banking.

This ecobank service also allows customers to go through ecobank customer care and find out about all the latest ecobank information  or even apply for a new ecobank card with just one simple SMS (Short Message Service) from your ecobici phone.

How To Check Ecobank Account  Number Using SMS

Ecobank has made it easy for you to check your account balance through SMS. Simply send “NUBAN” to 08063262265 butmake sure that the sender number must be from a phone linked with the recipient’s account in order for this code-requesting process to work properly. If so, wait for few seconds and after that message should show up showing your 10 digit long Ecobank Account Number!

How to know your Ecobank account number using code:

If you want t check your account number using code, the phone number linked to your Ecobank account must be available. Additionally, you need to have registered for mobile money in order for this feature to work.

To do that if you’re from Nigeria dial *326#; For Kenya dial *335*0#; If from Tanzania then dial 150*18*. But don’t worry! You can also register by following these instructions: Dial 235 and follow on-screen prompts until registration is complete (in Uganda).

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After successfully registering for Mobile banking, all customers with an active SIM card should use their cell phones as a way of logging into their bank accounts at any time or place where they are located – after having access codes which is *326*0# can now be dial to show your account balance and your account number at the same time.

Did you know if you’re an another country user, there are no much fees for account balance or account number verification over the phone? Dial your country’s code and click on ‘check my account’. Your 10 digit Nigerian number pops up too.

How to check your Ecobank account number online

Asking a customer care representative for your account number is an easy way to access it. You can do so by choosing the right option on their live chat portal and waiting patiently till they attend you or give other options of contact as well.

On their portal, make sure you select an option related to your issue and wait for someone on the other end of this chat window will attend in just a few minutes.

You’ll be asked to provide the following information:

– Your full name

– Phone number you registered your account with, which may differ from what is on file for other accounts. You can find this by dialing *#06* and then pressing send/call or look up it in My Verizon app

– Next of kin (in case there are emergencies)

– Date of Birth – we need this so that our customer service representatives know who they’re talking about when speaking with you! The date will also help us make sure all transactions take place within a window where only authorized individuals have access to funds deposited into your checking account – sorry if I’m being too technical but security’s important 🙂  When inputting these numbers

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Visit an Ecobank branch to get your Account number

Ecobank strives to provide excellent customer service, and they make it easy for you. It’s as simple as going into any of their nearby branches; tell the first person that greets you “I forgot my Ecobank account number.” All your details will be requested including full name, phone number, Next of Kin (is there somebody else who has access to this information?), Date of Birth (the date when we were born), Home Address etc.

The representative may then ask a few questions in order confirm whether or not the requestor is actually the owner before providing further assistance with remembering one’s password!

Ecobank account number

To find your ecobank account number in order to send a text message, you need to do the following:

Open up ecb’s app on your phone and select “Account Details” from the menu. Then choose “SMS for Account Number.” You will be taken into an  ecobank SMS screen where you will be able to select your ecobank account by typing the first six digits.

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Once you’re there, type “1111” without quotes and send it off! This is how ecobanks customer care can find out what ecobank service they are calling about in order to make sure that their ecobici phone is ecobank customer care.

And ecobanks ecobici number for the ecobici customer service team will be right there in your ecobank account, allowing you to quickly and easily find out if they’re calling about an issue with their bank or any other problem that might arise at a moment’s notice! Use this ecobank number to ecobanks ecobici phone ecobank customer care and get the help you need when it matters most!

How To Check EcoBank Account Number Through Mobile App

You can make your first deposit quickly and securely using the Ecobank Mobile App. After logging in, head over to ‘Accounts’ on the dashboard menu before selecting a suitable account for deposits such as Savings or Current Account; from there you will be able to view all of our available products including mortgages, loans etc. You may also find that when opening an existing savings/current account with us we are now offering up-front bonuses!

On Omni Lite you will find your new account number under ‘Current & Savings’ in ‘My Account’ after logging into My Accounts on the Dashboard; On Evelyn Bank’s mobile app your new current/savings bank numbers have just changed – it is quick and easy to locate.

To Verify Your Ecobank Account Number

The following are some methods to verify your Ecobank account number:

-An Ecobank correspondent will ask you for your account number during a transaction. This is the most secure method as we can verify your customer with photos of their ecobank account.

-You can also visit any one of our ATMs to withdraw cash and enter in your PIN and Account Number at the ECOATM keypad.

-For more than just checking, customers interested in adding additional security features such as SMS notification setup or account access control, they may do so by visiting their nearest branch or calling customer service from anywhere where there is phone coverage. We highly recommend that this is done to ensure that only those you want to have access to your ecobank account details, are able to.

-How do I find my Ecobank Account Number? Your ecobank account number can be found in the following ways:

On the back of your ecobank ATM card or credit card for those who use either one as their primary banking  ca

On the ecobank statement that you receive in your home or office mail.

-Ecobank has been a pioneer of ecotechnology for over two decades, applying new high tech innovations and partnering with leading institutions to deliver more efficient banking services to its customers, which now number just under 16 million. Ecological sustainability is at  the forefront of ecobank’s operations, with the bank now aiming to become carbon-neutral by coming year.

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It is also ecobank’s goal to achieve zero waste.

-Ecobanking services are available in over 60 countries, with ecobank branches  and offices worldwide. Ecological sustainability has been a constant focus for ecobank since it was founded back in 1985, when the bank set itself apart from other financial institutions as an  ecovisionary.

Ecobankhas been at the forefront of ecotechnology since then, applying new high-tech innovations and partnering with leading institutions to deliver more efficient banking services .

– ecobank has made a number of changes to its operations in recent years, with the most significant being ecotransfer.  Ecotransfer is an initiative which allows ecobank customers to send money across borders via their mobile device by using only text messages and without paying any fees or commissions.

The eco-friendly service  has not only saved ecobank’s customers about $400 million in fees and commissions, but has also helped to reduce the carbon footprint associated with international transactions.

– Ecobank is committed to sustainability at all levels of its operations, as well as making it accessible for its clients. ecopayments are a mobile app that allows ecobank customers to conveniently pay for goods and services in ecobank’s home country, as well as make international payments.

– Ecopayments are available through an app store or by going online on ecobank mobile banking website (ecopayments.icloudbank). The customer can download the application and create a profile with their ecobank account information.

– Ecopayments has already been launched in Kenya, and will be rolling out to other ecobank markets soon.

  Ecopayments is ecobank’s response to the challenge of maintaining a carbon-neutral footprint.

– Ecopayments merges ecobank’s mobile banking platform with ecommerce transactions for an all in one solution that allows customers to make international payments and purchase goods or services from any ecobank market, without having to  use ecopayments.

– Ecopayment is an app store and website which will allow customers to download the application with their ecobank account information, create a profile and make purchases on ecobank’s mobile banking platform or its online website. The customer can also pay in any currency of choice (including ecobank ’s ecocurrency), and make payments to vendors whoopayments.

– Ecopayment’s technology enables merchants to accept ecobank ecocurrencies as, by simply accepting the icu token of a country (example: ico/usd) on their website so or service payment for goods also have ecocurrency payment option.

– Ecopayments’ technology enables merchants to accept ecobank ecocurrencies as, by simply accepting the icu token of a country (example: ico/usd) on their website so or service payment for goods also have evo ecocurrency payment options.

– With an ecobank ecocurrency wallet, customers can hold ecopayments tokens and make payments to merchants who accept ecocurrencies.

– With an ecobank ecocurrency wallet, customers can hold ico/usd (or any other token) at the same time as holding their preferred ecopayment token for a balanced portfolio.

– Ecobank ecocurrency wallets can be funded with fiat, cryptocurrency or ecopay tokens. ico/usd is the default currency but customers have full control over their wallet and its contents.

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