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It is not a secret that many people have dreams, so does Craze Clown. He had always wanted to become a doctor. When he was growing up, he never knew that he would become a comedian. But Craze Clown had a great passion to entertain people.

If you follow him closely, you will definitely find him enjoying himself. He loves making people laugh, and it is not an easy task. Some people may not be able to understand him. He started from the bottom, and he is now one of the trending celebrities in Africa.

A man has to work hard to become successful in his career. Some of the end up being great examples in the society. In this post, you will read about the life of a Nigerian comedian and actor, who’s known for his African relatable comedy videos on Instagram.

Clown Craze is a hilarious Nigerian comedian, actor and content creator who has gained popularity on social media for his energetic videos that entertain many across the continent. He hails from Imo state in Nigeria and is currently studying medicine at the University of Benin. This post will provide some details about Clown Craze’s net worth, height and other basic information to know about him!

Real Name Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke
Date Of Birth December 24, 1991
State Of Origin Imo State
Nationality Nigerian
Father Mr. Uchenna Godwin
Mother Mrs. Grace Acheche
Net worth N30 million
Wife JoJo

Craze Clown Biography

Craze Clown who is well recognized recognized as “Papa Ade” is a Nigerian comedian, who through his hilarious slapstick comedy sketches and short films has earned him the title of one of “Nigeria’s Top Comedians.” His popular slapstick comedy “Ade versus Adekunle” features Nigerian comedian “Og Tega,” the show portrays a father who beats up his son named after his full name (Adekunle) with stories from his day ending in a powerful punchline that invariably leaves viewers laughing out loud.

CrazeeClown is an act that you surely don’t want to miss at any point. He’s one of the most influential performing comedians in Nigeria and his skits emulate that of a father’s love for their son. For example, this past year he featured his comedy partner OgTega, who is also one of the best upcoming comedians in Nigeria, in a video skit where he decided to give his son a stack of cash while out on the town.

We see how the child is perceived as being spoiled by his mother; however Crazee Clown’s character doesn’t want to hear anything negative about how he raised his son and why he gives him so much money. This funny video skit titled ‘Are you serious?’ was filmed in Lagos and it featured OgTega appearances from other popular celebrities within the industry!

He is one of the funniest comedians in Nigeria. He was recently celebrated on social media after releasing a new set of videos with Og Tega, a well-known and revered fellow comedian. His comedy career started out with him making videos joking about relationships between fathers and their sons. His greatest inspiration as a comedian includes celebrities like Murphy, Kevin Hart, Basket Mouth, and Bovi and Eddie Murphy for his sense of humor.

Craze Clown Age

Comedian Emmanuel Iwueke is a somewhat handsome gentlemen who, like most of us, is interested in the knowledge that comes with aging. In order to provide the type of comedic energy needed to effectively take on such a task.

Craze Clown whose birthday name is Emmanuel Iwueke is a Nigerian comedian born on December 24, 1991. He will be 31 years old  on 24 December 20022 as of this writing in 2022. That makes his mental age 31 even though he was born on a day to Christmas in 1991.

Craze Clown Net worth

Craze Clown launch a comedy series on YouTube titled House of Craze, which has reached more than I billion views since it was created. The series features Kehinde Solomon (short man), Tega Akpobome (Ade), Jaunty, and Sammy. Watch a clip from the series below.

Emmanuel Iwueke (also known as Craze Clown), who’s now a youtube star and comedian, started making regular video reports on a web-based platform called YouTube in 2012 while still in school. In 2014 he began to perform comedy skits on stage, developing the brand which later became a full-scale movie series.

The stand-up medium allows him to engage directly with people; the reach of his comedy is thus limited only by one’s imagination. He performs all over the country, weaving social commentary into funny routines that criticize local socio-political issues. A major player in Nigerian comedic scene since 2016and one of Nigeria’s famous comedians/vloggers/social media celebrities today, Craze Clown has reached millions with his videos that subscribers love for their satire and insight into Nigerian culture!

Craze Clown is a famous Nigerian comedian and entertainer who earns between $100-$1000 million per video, partially through advertising revenue he generates via his YouTube channel. His celebrity has earned him the trust of brands like Nairabet, who partner with him who host at the Mr. Eazi live concert event at Kharkiv on 15 August 2016 to run targeted promotions which increase their exposure at no cost. Craze Clown’s profession earn him a net worth that is estimated to be around N30 million.

He runs a comedy YouTube channel titled House of Craze, which has huge number of viewers. The channel features Kehinde Solomon, Tega Akpobome, and Jaunty as well as Sammy.

He has performed on several notable stages including the DEF Music bash 2017 held at Eko Hotel and Suites, the Glitz Art Ball 2017 held at Glow Surulere with stars like Wande Coal, D’banj, Ycee and many others, he was also featured in Yovi’s single official music video titled Amen alongside Lil Kesh and Mayorkun. He won numerous awards like Most Outstanding Comedian of the Year City People Awards, The online sensation of the Year Naija FM Comedy Jam Awards and he was nominated for other awards like the outstanding young achievers awards for most outstanding comedian of the year.

Craze Clown Biography

Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke was born on December 24, 1991. He is the third child in a family of five children, the famyis bless with four boys and one girl. His parents are Mr. Uchenna Godwin and Mrs. Grace Acheche are both pharmacists from Imo State and Edo state respectively, who currently live together in Lagos.

His late father died in 2015 when he fell sick while his father was still alive, he kept working as a in a company to help pay for his school fees at The school when he move to Ghana for his primary education and later returned home (Nigeria) to school at Delta State University.

Although, he also attended the University of Maiduguri and the University of Legon which is located in Ghana. He graduated from Kharkiv National Medical University in Ukraine on 30th of June 2017, with a degree in medicine before moving to a new location where he has now lived for the past years with his wife and kid.

As of 2020, God keep him alive from a of death of a fatal accident that left him with bruises.

Craze Clown wife

Craze Clown is happily married to his long-time girlfriend and baby mama, Otanohigbe Iwueke who goes by her popular name JoJo. The pair got engaged after dating for eight years on 30 December 2019 and got married a year later in 2020. Their wedding ceremony was held at Eko Hotel and Suits and was attended by many notable celebrities from the entertainment industry including Don Jazzy, Basketmouth, Ubi Franklin, Mr Macaroni, Broda Shaggi, Beverly Osun.

Craze Clown Instagram

Craze Clown is one of the most popular comedians in Nigeria and his take on current issues often show him to be a keen observer of the comings and goings around him.

His latest comedy skit shows his unique ability to stand apart from other comedians through his use of language, body language and facial expressions which many have likened to hours of fun without having to spend money! If you’re looking for some side-splitting laughter that doesn’t break the bank, then make sure you follow @crazeclown today on Instagram! 

You Need To Know

• He is a talented and creative person.

• He is a good actor with a charming personality.

• He is an inspirational youth icon.

• A content creator and an internet influencer with a large following on social media.

• Craze is a Nigerian comedian born on December 24, 1991. He has gained popularity for his online comedy skits.

• Growing rapidly in the comedy business, writing, producing and directing his own videos, and getting endorsements from big brands.

• He is a talented entertainer and has been featured on several Nigerian TV shows including a comedy show on NTA network.

• He has also been featured on many radio stations both in Nigeria and in other countries, including the UK.

• Boasted a following of over 1 million people in May 2018 back then.

• He has collaborated with other big names in the comedy industry, like the “Young Comedian” and the “Lagos comic”.

• He has also performed at some of the biggest comedy shows in Nigeria, including the “Red carpet comedy show”, the “Laugh out loud comedy show” and the “Nigeria comedy show”.

• He has won several awards for his comedy, including the “Lagos comic” award and the “Golden microphone comedy award.

• Enjoy his hilarious Instagram comedy videos on his page: @crazeclown

• His page has a strong following of over millions followers.

• People love his style of comedy and his African topics.

• They can relate to his issues, and he is loved.

• King of comedy in Nigeria.

• A superb comedian who has the talent, skills, and potential to make people laugh until their stomachs hurt.

• He has a fan base of over 4 million subscribers.

• Watch his videos and get to know more about him.

• A comedic genius : With his hilarious comedy skits, Craze Clown has been entertaining Nigerians with his comedy skits. His comedy skits mimic the relationship between fathers and their sons.

• Experience in the industry : Craze Clown is one of the most influential acting comedians in Nigeria alongside other acts such as Taaooma, Sydney Talker, Josh2funny, Maraji, SamSpedy, Mr. Macaroni, and Lasisi Elenu.

• A comedic brilliance : His comedy career started in 2013. And he rose to fame with his comedy skits which mimic relationships between fathers and their sons.

• Always ready to make you laugh : His role model in the industry includes the likes of Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Basket Mouth, and Bovi.

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