Cactus Restaurant Menus and Price list

Cactus Restaurant

Cactus Restaurant located Off Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Maroko Road, Victoria Island, Lagos

Working Hours:

Opens– 8:00am

Closes– 10:00pm

Contact: 08181777666 or 01-2624928

Cactus Restaurant is a good and fine place to take your meal, they are one of the best restaurant in Victoria Island, lagos. You don’t need to be bother whenever it’s time to take you meal, go directly to cectus restaurant am sure their meals will bring you back another day. Cactus offer different type of meals like pizza, chicken dishes, seafood, Sandwiches and more.

Time to go for Cactus Restaurant meal

You are highly welcome to Cactus Restaurant at anytime both in the morning, noon and evening. There mission is to dishes you delicious meals that will suit your taste at anytime of your choice.

To Get to Cectus Restaurant

To locate Catcus Restuarant is as easy as what you could ever think.

Look for away to Bonny Camp Bus Stop and From Bonny Camp Bus Stop head West, Exit the roundabout onto Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue. You will beside Madingwa Real Estate on the right after that you will make a U-turn at Bish. Aboyade Cole St.

Cectus Restaurant Price list are:


3 fried eggs – ₦3,600
3 scrambled eggs – ₦4,000
Africa omelette – ₦3,600
Bread basket – ₦1,500
Breakfast sandwich – ₦4,200
Chocolate – ₦4,000
Country omelette – ₦4,000
Ham or turkey and cheese omelette – ₦4,000
Plain Pancakes – ₦3,000
Chocolate Pancakes – ₦4,000
Skinny egg white omelette – ₦3,500
Smoked salmon omelette – ₦6,000
Spanish omelette – ₦4,000


Buffalo chicken strips – ₦3,700
Chicken pepper soup – ₦3,500
Chicken strips – ₦3,700
Fish pepper soup – ₦3,500
French fries – ₦1,800
Fried calamari – ₦4,500
Garlic cheese bread rolls – ₦2,500
Plain Hummus – ₦2,200
Hummus with beef – ₦2,700
Red hot chicken wings – ₦3,500
Vegetarian spring rolls – ₦2,500

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Asian stir-fry – ₦5,500
Beef strips mixed with vegetable in an Asian sauce

Beef suya – ₦4,800
Served with fresh onions, tomatoes and pickles

Goat kafta – ₦4,800
Grilled kafta served with grilled vegetable

Imported grilled steak – ₦10,000
With pepper, mushroom or blue cheese sauce

Spicy shredded beef – ₦5,600
Shredded beef sauteed with onions, mushroom, green pepper, light soy sauce and spicy herbs


Cactus burger – ₦5,000
Classic beef burger topped with bacon and a fried egg

Bruno burger – ₦6,000
Double beef burger, cheese, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, salami, turkey and lettuce

Chicken burger – ₦4,800

Classic burger – ₦4,500


Cactus chicken – ₦5,500
Consisting of Ham, cheddar cheese, mushroom, sweetcorn topped with a creamy white sauce

Chicken escalope (₦4,900)
Deep fried breaded boneless chicken

Chicken suya – ₦4,800
Made with fresh onions, tomatoes and pickles

Crispy fried chicken – ₦4,900
Boneless breaded fried chicken

Half grilled chicken – ₦4,900
Grilled marinated chicken breast

Light chicken curry – ₦5,500
Made of Grilled chicken breast in a light curry sauce served with steamed vegetables and white rice

Marinated grilled chicken breast – ₦5,500

Middle Eastern chicken – ₦5,200
Made of chicken mixed with grilled vegetables marinated in oriental garlic sauce

Spicy shredded chicken – ₦5,200
Made of Shredded chicken sauteed with onions, mushroom, green pepper, light soy sauce and spicy herbs

Spicy chicken – ₦5,200
Made of Grilled chicken with mushroom, onions, green pepper in chilli sauce (can be ordered extra hot)

Fish and Seafood

Cactus prawns – ₦11,000
Grilled prawns in a garlic cheese sauce

Classic fish and chips – ₦6,000
Boneless deep fried breaded white fish

Fish stew – ₦5,500

Ginger lemon fish – ₦6,200
Consising of grilled white fish topped with ginger lemon sauce

Grilled fish – ₦6,000

Jumbo prawns – ₦10,000
Grilled or Breaded

Prawns Diavolo – ₦10,000
Consisting of Jumbo prawns in a spicy chilli tomato sauce

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Teriyaki salmon – ₦10,500
Consisting of Salmon fillet grilled in teriyaki sauce


Alfredo – ₦5,200
Classic creamy white mushroom sauce

Arrabiata – ₦4,000
Spicy chilli tomato sauce

Bolognese – ₦5,000
The traditional tomato and minced meat

Carbonara – ₦5,200
Bacon, creamy white sauce and cheese

Marina – ₦6,000
Mixed seafood and tomato sauce

Pesto chicken – ₦5,200
Chicken, pesto sauce and cheese

Salmon – ₦8,000
Salmon strips in a creamy white sauce

Vegetarian – ₦4,200
Seasonal vegetables sauteed in basil and olive oil


Chicken cheddar – ₦4,500
White sauce, chicken, mozzarella, cheddar cheese and mushroom topped with basil and fresh tomato

Four season pizza – ₦4,500
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushroom, ham, sweetcorn and green pepper

Margherita – ₦3,800
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and olives

Marinara – ₦5,000
Consisting of Tomato sauce, shrimps, mozzarella cheese, green pepper, garlic oil and parsley

Mixed grill – ₦4,500
Consisting of Tomato sauce, bbq sauce, mozzarella cheese, minced meat, chicken, onion and green pepper

Pepperoni – ₦4,500
Made of Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni

Vegetarian – ₦4,300
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, artichoke, sweetcorn, green pepper, onion, mushroom and olives


Cactus salad – ₦4,200
Roasted chicken breast, tomato, sweet corn, lettuce and parmesan cheese

Color salad – ₦4,200
Make with Feta, avocado, sweetcorn, cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce.

Crab or shrimp cocktail – ₦5,000
Made of Avocado, tomatoes, your choice of crab or shrimp, lettuce and thousand island dressing.

Deep avocado salad – ₦5,000

Festival salad – ₦4,200
Contain Roasted chicken breast, ham, mozzarella, eggs, lettuce, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes

Greek salad – ₦3,700
Consisting of Feta, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and black olives.

Salmon salad – ₦6,000
Halloumi cheese flavor in olive oil made with sweetcorn, basil, olives, tomatoes and oregano in an avocado cup.

Tuna salad – ₦4,300
Made with Tuna, tomatoes, sweet corn, spring onions, lettuce and cucumber

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Cuban steak – ₦4,200
Deliciously flavor shredded steak served in a long soft milk bread with grilled onions and crispy matchstick fries and a side of coleslaw

Cactus submarine – ₦5,000
Consisting Ham, turkey, bacon, chorizo, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with a special pesto sauce in a soft ciabatta-like bread

Chicken or beef shawarma – ₦4,000
The popular classic in pita bread

Classic club – ₦4,000
Consisting of Chicken, bacon, mozzarella, boiled eggs, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo

Fajita – ₦4,000
Fajita is made of Shredded chicken or beef marinated in Mexican stripes with guacamole in a wrap

Ham and cheese club – ₦4,200
Ham and cheese club as no frills, no fuss just the perfect Ham and Cheese club

Mexican chicken wrap – ₦4,000
Mexican chicken made of Shredded chicken breast with guacamole, fresh salsa and coriander

Salmon club – ₦6,500
Salmon Club is make with Smoked salmon, boiled egg, tartar sauce and capers

Skinny turkey wrap – ₦4,400
Skinny turkey wrap is made of Turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, a hint of shredded cheddar cheese and a dash of light mayo mustard

Tuna melt club – ₦4,000
Tuna melt consist of Tuna, tomatoes, sweetcorn, lettuce, melted cheddar cheese and mayo

Tuna wrap – ₦4,300
Made of Tuna, diced onions and tomatoes, olives in a light lemon mayo sauce

Turkey cheddar club – ₦4,700
Make with Turkey, cheddar, tomatoes and lettuce with a mild mustard sauce

Fruit Juice Price

Cactus fruit juice •• ₦1,500

Fresh fruit juice Prices

Small °° ₦1,000

Large •• ₦1,500

Cold drinks Prices (Beer)

Star °° ₦1,200

Gulder •• ₦1,200

Stout °° ₦1,200

Heineken •• ₦1,200

Fruit juice Prices

Glass °° ₦600

Packet •• ₦1,200

Prices For Soda Drinks

Lime soda °° ₦800

Malta •• ₦500

Maltina °° ₦500

Minerals •• ₦500

Water Prices

Small °° ₦300

Medium •• ₦400

Large °° ₦500

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