Broadband Global Area Network(BGAN) And All You Need To Know

The Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a global satellite network that offers high-speed Internet access all over the world. The BGAN terminals are about as big as laptops, meaning they can be easily carried around and used anywhere with line-of sight to the satellites in orbit above us.

As soon as you’ve establish line-ofsight to the satellite, a BGAN terminal can be used anywhere. This global network is in high demand because of its portability and ease of use for anyone who needs broadband Internet access on the go.

The Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a global satellite network with telephony owned by Inmarsat using portable terminals that are normally used to connect laptops or tablets through remote locations via internet service providers like HughesNet; however, these small devices have one major advantage over traditional satellites: they’re mobile! The value of this kind device lies not only in their ability to provide connectivity at any location but also allow people from all around the world introduce themselves when connecting online which has proven to be very useful in this modern virtual reality where people are looking for their identity on the web.

The BGAN terminals, which have been around some years back and were created by Lora-2 LLC., are sold through Inmarsat on a leasing agreement that lasts three years with an option to buy when it’s over.

The device is basically a small-form factor satellite modem that gives users the freedom to work from any location on earth where they have clear view in every direction of the sky. The BGAN terminals are about as big as laptops with a small antenna that transmits and receives data via using different satellites orbiting the Earth.

The BGAN terminals use Inmarsat’s L-band frequencies which are in the 1.5 GHz range and require line of sight (LoS) to the satellite from any location on Earth that a boat or vehicle might be at sea.

This can be achieved by using a directional antenna for long distance connections that may also need an external amplifier as well as an omnidirectional antenna for local connections that doesn’t need any amplifier or directional power.

The BGAN service allows instant connectivity with all major satellite providers like Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya but unlike other services, you have the option of switching between them through a third-party device known as an Inmarsat Pro Switch (IPS).

This IPX (Internet Protocol Extension) device connects to the BGAN and provides the opportunity for users to switch between frequencies from any location on Earth where they have line of sight. The IPS transfers information and data back and forth through the BGAN terminal which handles all satellite traffic automatically providing IP connectivity.

Up-to-date with what’s happening in your home, office or remote location without being confined by restricted internet access. The coverage and availability of this innovative mobile satellite broadband solution excludes nothing!

Service Type

The BGAN service from Inmarsat has more than one kind of option for you. You can purchase Standard, Standard-Bearer, M2M Link or Mobile Broadband services using different terminals with varying pricing and features.


The Standard BGAN service from Inmarsat provides a wide array of services including internet, phone, SMS texting, Fax and ISDN. The only downside to this is that 9502 gateways cannot use the standard BGAN M2M (below).

The Standard BGAN Service by Inmarsat has many features for all your needs: Internet access; Phone Services with local rates or international calls at competitive prices through VoIP connections; Sending instant messages and text messages over satellite connection using GMS phones or messaging devices like BlackBerrys™ ; Voice mailboxes on one’s personal voice mailbox account in Europe where callers can leave you voicemail while they’re away! You also have an option to receive faxes as well as allowing you to send faxes.


The Standard + Plus BGAN service introduced by Inmarsat in May 2017 provides unlimited Internet use for a low fixed monthly price. It has the same priority as IsatHub, which is used worldwide and will not interfere with your data usage from other providers. The Standard + service includes 5 Megabytes of bandwidth each month that can be increased at any time using the billing system on their website . If you exceed this limit during one billing cycle, there are tiers below it that provide more than enough additional space to ensure uninterrupted access every day without paying an arm or leg depending on how much extra you need!

Standard+BGAN – Unlimited internet access Using consumer-grade routing (which means faster) but lower priority then standard BGAN service.


M2M is an innovative new service available from Hughes Communications is designed to meet the needs of machine-to-machine (M2M) equipment monitoring and control. Unlike traditional BGAN plans that charge for overhead communication or have a minimum transfer increment in kilobytes, M2MEdit offers 2 MB per month with no additional charges for communication overheads and has 1 KB as its smallest billing increment which makes it perfect for remote SCADA usage.


BGAN Link is a new satellite service designed for fixed locations that require 5 to 30 gigabytes of data transferred per month. In late 2013, the company introduced Unlimited BGAN GEO plans in various countries/regions including Central and South America, Australia and lower Africa. Service fees with this type are far less than standard BGAN services which make it more comparable to VSAT (satellite dish) systems. One advantage of these terminals over traditional dishes is their low power usage – 4 watts idle or 22 watts burst transmitting -which saves people money on electricity bills while providing them internet access at home without having another device like an expensive cable subscription.

BGAN Link is a service designed for fixed locations and require 5 to 30 GB of data transferred per month. In late 2013, the company introduced Unlimited BGAN GEO plans in Australia ($449/month) and Central and South America. Service fees with this type are far less than standard BGAN services which make it more comparable to VSAT (satellite dish) systems. One advantage of these terminals over traditional dishes is their low power usage – 4 watts idle or 22 watts burst transmitting -which saves people money on electricity bills while providing them internet access at home without having another device like an expensive cable subscription.

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BGAN Link plans allow users to pay a monthly flat rate for a bundled amount of data (both upload and download). This new option provides businesses an affordable and transparent alternative to more expensive satellite internet providers. Unlike BGAN, BGAN Link plans use a 2-way connection through the Iridium satellite network. Plans are available worldwide except for regions that have heavy fog or clouds obstructing the area.

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How long does it take to be connected to the Net after purchasing a BGAN satellite terminal?

It takes between 4-12 weeks. This timeline varies depending on the work involved and how fast you can provide documents for your company. It’s not uncommon for everything to get delayed because of the holidays (Christmas, Easter), so please take this into consideration when planning the launch date of your service.

What are the available bandwidth options? What’s included in each plan?

The connection is delivered using an LTE bearer with a throughput up to 10Mbps (speed may vary depending on satellite locations). For more information about our product lineup click here . The cost for the plan varies, depending on the throughput you choose.

What is the price per megabit?

Our best selling plans are available in 5Mbps (€39/month), 10Mbps (€49/month) and 20Mbps (€99/month). These are based on FTTx technology without any additional fees. We offer volume discounts from 10Mbps and above.

Who pays for the satellite terminal?

We provide a free terminal to our resellers, but require a deposit of €500 per device (we can invoice you monthly). We assume full responsibility for the terminals, including any repairs or replacements needed. If your terminal breaks, we will repair it immediately. When your terminal begins to fail, we will provide you with a new one for free. If your terminal is stolen or lost, please let us know and we will replace it as soon as possible.

Why should I buy from BGAN Nigeria? What are the benefits of doing business with you?

We have done extensive research in the Nigerian market and we believe that our reseller program was created to help you succeed in the Nigerian market. We have a dedicated team who will assist, coddle, support and train your staff on how to use our technology. All of our training modules are based on real-life scenarios experienced by other resellers around the world.

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to launch your service as soon as possible.

What are the requirements for resellers? Are there any special terms or conditions?

We do not charge any additional fees, such as commissions or recurring payments. We also require that you purchase at least two terminals (we invoice monthly). This is our way of protecting you from reselling our product for a low-cost, potentially selling it at a loss and then disappearing.

Can I buy products with cash? Can you ship to my country? How about payment by credit card/debit card/bank transfer?

We accept payments via PayPal or bank transfer (IBAN). Unfortunately, PayPal does not provide service to Nigeria.

Where is the best place to sell this? How many customers do you have and how many of those will sign up for Internet service? And what’s your marketing plan? What if I don’t have any marketing experience? Can I use yours or do I need my own sales force in Africa?

We will help you with the launch of your service and we can hire a local sales force for you, if needed. When it comes to setting up your marketing strategy, please feel free to send us any ideas or thoughts. We will review them and make suggestions on what needs to be refined (if anything). We do not provide a sales force, nor do we sell our terminals. We only provide all the required services to help your business grow in Nigeria and other African countries.

What happens if my satellite terminal breaks? Does BGAN Nigeria replace it? How much will this service cost me per month? How long does it take for BGAN Nigeria to repair my equipment?

We provide technical support to all our resellers. Your technical engineer will be provided with training and full access to the satellite terminal. We will help you with all your issues, regardless of what they are related to (training, service and support).

What bandwidth does BGAN Nigeria have? How many users can I install for my business?

BGAN Nigeria provides unlimited Internet to all its resellers. We believe in empowering you with the tools needed to succeed. Please note that our service works on a success-based model, which means that we can only guarantee the connectivity so long as you are selling services and expanding your customer base. The same applies if you have fewer users than average.

How can I get started and what is the first thing your company wants from me? What are your major concerns? How much time does it take to launch a service in Nigeria with BGAN Nigeria?

Please contact us at and we will do everything possible to help you get started.

How can I contact you? Is there any phone number, email address or chat available? What is your fax number? How do I request a quote and place an order for products from BGAN Nigeria? Where are you located, in which country and city are your offices based out of?

Please feel free to contact us at or you can call +2347086965172. We will provide you with a quotation and an invoice for all the services we offer.

What is your typical customer like? What industries do they represent? How many people are employed by BGAN Nigeria ? Where are you physically located, in which country/city?

We have resellers in Nigeria and other African countries. We deal with resellers who are interested in selling value-added services to their customers. The average number of employees is approximately 10 people.

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How big is the market for satellite Internet/BGAN in Africa? What kind of opportunities exist for me to become a reseller?

The market for satellite Internet in Africa has just started to develop. People on the continent are increasingly using smart phones and other mobile devices and they need more bandwidth that can’t be delivered via 3G/4G/LTE networks. Satellite connectivity provides this additional capacity. As such, there is huge potential for resellers to start their businesses and offer broadband Internet to local populations.

What is the minimum order quantity? Do you have any buying group or co-op program for resellers?

We do not have a minimum order quantity, although in the beginning we suggest that you purchase at least six terminals. We also do not offer any buyers’ groups. We have a rese you must sign before we can start working together, which details what services are included and how long we will support you in the beginning.

How long has BGAN Nigeria been around? How much money did your company raise to date? Are there any potential investors I could talk to regarding funding opportunitiesller agreement that you want me to sign? Can you provide a copy of this agreement so I can carefully go through it and make sure I understand everything correctly?

We have been in business for over five years now. We enjoy a good reputation among our customers and partners. We have raised several million USD in order to start an expansion into African markets as well as Latin America. You can find a copy of the reseller contract in our Terms & Conditions section on our web site:

Are there any regulations I should be aware of before entering this market? What is your position regarding the different political, economic and cultural aspects of Nigeria?

There are no telecom regulations in Nigeria. We have a reseller agreement that you should sign as well as an SLA, but the only limitation for our services is what we can technically provide. Please note that our bandwidth usage service does not work with high-risk countries and regions (Cuba, North Korea, and Sudan).

How much time does it take to launch a service in Nigeria with BGAN Nigeria? What is the total time required to get this running? Is there any requirement for special travel, meetings or other obligations on my side in order to proceed with launching my company’s own Internet services using BGAN Nigeria’s satellite connectivity solution? Do you provide any training or support for rese

The total time required to get a service up and running is approximately 2 months. You will be required to visit our premises in Lagos, Nigeria in order sign the reseller agreement and the SLA. We don’t require any further travel from you. Once we have signed the agreement, wellers? Do you personally provide training for resellers?

We have a good set of on-site and remote training courses. You will be required to attend the on-site part in one of our training centers in Lagos, Nigeria . However, we can also offer online trainin liners how much technical support do I receive from BGAN Nigeria? What is your response time?

We will provide you with up to eight hours of pre- and post-sales support over the telephone or via email. Our technical support team is available 24/7. Response times are usually between one hour to two days, but sometimes it can take longer depending on our backlog cases we receive.

I’ve read that satellite connections are not as reliable as terrestrial alternatives such as DSL and fiber. Can you comment on this? How often do your Nigerian customers experience problems with their BGAN satellite Internet? Do you have any data showing how much downtime your customers experience per month? What percentage of total time is spent by users due to problems with the satellite Internet service?

Most of our customers experience a very high connection reliability. We use multiple satellites in order to ensure a reliable service. Our customers report an average monthly downtime between 30 – 45 minutes. The main reason for this is that Nigerians don’t have direct access to training facilities and so we have more than one set of terminal units with each unit being used by several customers.

Nigeria, as well all other countries on the globe, are constantly affected by bad weather conditions. Solar activity (i.e. a sunspot) is also one of the reasons for temporary downtime and has nothing to do directly with BGAN Nigeria or our equipment but more to do with external power grids.

All services are monitored 24/7 and we’re always ready to react, if needed, to restore the connection as quickly as possible. Another reason for downtime is that Nigerian customers often use Wi-Fi clients in order to connect their mobile phones or laptops to a network. The problem here is that when a BGAN Nigeria customer uses Wi-Fi instead of the satellite connection our customers are not able to access the Internet. This is due to security reasons and it’s mentioned in our terms of use.

Our goal with BGAN Nigeria is to ensure that all our Nigerian customers have access to a stable and reliable service at all times, and we will continue our efforts in order to achieve this goal.

Which connection speed can I expect on normal days, if I have a BGAN Nigeria service? What is the minimum monthly data usage you require from me? How much time does it take for my Internet service to boot up once I connect Can I sign up for a new Internet service today or do I need to wait until you’ve sent someone to my office with a BGAN terminal unit? How long will it take before I can start receiving traffic via satellite?

Our standard speed is 256 kbps but we have several different speed levels available including:

· 512 Kbps – 30GB/month

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· 1 Mpbs – 60GB/month

· 3 Mbps – No limit on data usage, please contact us for pricing. Boot time is up to six minutes and you can signup at anytime. Once we receive your payment and reseller agreement and once the account is setup you will be able to begin receiving traffic by the next day.

Do you ever cap the bandwidth of your Nigerian customers? If so, how much and what would it take for me to be over the limit? Do I have to pay more for my data to use up to a certain amount of What does unlimited mean when referring to BGAN Nigeria In the remote training sessions I host, we commonly use large files (20+ MB) to test the ability of websites to handle our traffic. What is the maximum size you permit me to send or receive via satellite?

We have a fair usage policy in place and if we find that a customer is using an excessive amount of bandwidth we will first contact him/her to explain the situation and request a reduction of bandwidth usage. If we do not receive any response from the customer an invoice for overusage will be sent (after 5gb in 1 month). The fees are as follows:

· Up to 20 GB per month = $5/month

· Over 21GB per month = $15/month

What limits do you place on the amount of time I may use my BGAN terminal unit / service each day? Is it true that in Nigeria, one must sign formally with your company before setting up a BGAN session for a contractor or business client? Do you have any features such as remote reboot (if the hardware fails) or remote power off (if you are in an aircraft and the unit is not allowed to be turned on) that I can use?

BGAN Nigeria as well as other BGAN resellers do not have a formal sign up process with customers. Our services are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, so once you have purchased the service from us, you are free to use it. As mentioned before, we believe that a fully functional BGAN terminal unit should be able to open your office and enable you or your client to work in a remote environment – our services do just this.

To ensure that our customers can use our service as long as possible we provide a remote reboot and power off feature.

We also have an extensive network of BGAN experts available to assist you – please contact us at any time for friendly and professional support.



I am very pleased with your prompt response when I needed a fast connection in the field. The first day I was out on a project, my laptop plugged into the BGAN terminal started misbehaving and I didn’t know how to reboot it – you walked me through via telephone.

​- F. Godson, USA

I am very happy with your service – easy to use and affordable! The Wi-Fi connectivity is great – I can take it anywhere and use my iPad as well.

​- M. Gbenga, Nigeria

I am very grateful for the BGAN terminal unit you set up for me in Nigeria’s capital Abuja so that I could work remotely from there. No more bus trips back and forth to Lagos – I can now attend meetings with a few clicks.

​- A. Shoba, UK

I have been using my BGAN terminal unit for over three years in different parts of Africa. I am impressed to up and the support when needed has been excellent.

​- M. Taylor, USA

It is a privilege to work with you and use your services for my company’s telework needs – i keep telling my coworkers about how amazing BGAN Nigeria has been for me. Keep up the good work!

​- D. Oladele, Lagos, Nigeria

I have used BGAN Nigeria’s services in four African countries so far – Ghana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Gabon. Everything worked perfectly throughout Africa thanks to your support! I use the terminal a lot for everyday work as well as when traveling abroad – for example, I just flew from Germany to Uganda and set up my office there.

​- M. Okunoye, Berlin, Germany

I can’t imagine working without the BGAN terminal – i use it every day and all my colleagues have one too! We love how easy it is to connect anywhere in Nigeria or when we travel abroad (for business or for pleasure) – thank you for saving us hours of travel time every week!

​- A. Agboola, Nigeria

The BGAN terminal you set up for me in Nigeria is amazing – I use it all the time when I travel abroad and even overseas clients are impressed with how easy and fast it is to connect.

​- L. Bakare, UK

BGAN Nigeria is easy to use and affordable. I can’t imagine working without my BGAN terminal – it’s the best thing since sliced bread!

​- E. Bolaji, Abuja, Nigeria

I am very happy with your service and will recommend it to anyone who has a need for reliable and fast connectivity. You are also always easy to reach by email or phone.

​- R. Wahab, USA

I want to let you know that we received the BGAN terminal unit today and we are very pleased with your excellent service! The support from you as well as the shipping agent was great. On a scale of 1 – 10, you are an 11!

​- H. Abdullahi, Nigeria

I really appreciate the speed with which you set up my BGAN terminal in Nigeria. I will recommend your service to all of my friends and colleagues who need reliable connectivity when traveling in Africa or abroad.

​- Alade,USA

It is good to know I have an internet connection at my disposal anywhere in Nigeria – it’s the best! It has made a huge difference to me working remotely in Africa – I am always connected and can send emails immediately as required. The speed is great too! Thanks again.


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