Boniface Offokaja Biography, Age, Spouse, Parents, Debate and other facts.

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Boniface Offokaja

Boniface Offokaja is a overdue Nigerian journalist, entrepreneur and politician, born on 21 May 1940 and died on 10 November 2018. During his early level he were given a massive wreck after his excessive faculty debate in 1957 went viral ultimate year.

The debate of the excessive faculty that need viral which was held in 1957 stay his maximum watched videos. He turned into sixteen years antique on the time he went for the debate.

Baniface Offokaja is the first born of the offokaja own circle of relatives to his father named Thomas Igala Offokaja. His father(Thomas Igala Offokaja) is a successful businessman and conventional chief within the kano Igbo community.

Baniface parents

Thomas Igala Offokaja were given married to a lovely woman (Ndidi Oblanwu), a sorbon alumna on December thirtieth in 1979. The couple are bless with two sons and 5 daughters and ten grandchildren.

Boniface Facts

Name: Boniface Offokaja

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Birthday Date: 21 May 1940 (Died November 10, 2018)

Gender: Male

Nationality: Nigerian

Citizenship: Nigerian

Profession: Journalist, entrepreneur, politician

Parents: Thomas Igala Offokaja and
         Susanna Offokaja

Spouse: Ndidi Oblanwu

Children: 7 children

Education: University Of Paris


Boniface Offokaja has a Facebook page where you can see the video of the the debated held in 1957, follow to watch @bonifaceoffokaja.

Boniface Other Facts

According to our research we get other fact that you need to know about him.

• Boniface Offokaja held Nigerian nationality because he was born on 21 May 1940, in Kano, Northern Nigeria. serial office 2017

• After his fulfillment within the debate competition, Offokaja work as a newscaster for Nigerian Broadcasting corporation (NBC) in 1958.

• Boniface become of hausa ethnicity and his father become the chief of the nearby community. He become fluent withinside the Hausa Language.

• Boniface is an intelligent Nigerian citizen who can speak both English and Hausa fluently

• During the Nigerian Civil strugglefare in 1967 to 1970, Offokaja become a wartime correspondenct for the AFP (The French International information agency) and later stayed in France for his diploma in records if thoughts from the University of Paris.

• In 1978 Offokaja have become the youngest director trendy of the ECBS on the age of 38 after he returned back to Nigeria, in which he ran an green and modern operation on a radio station.

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• Boniface Offokaja give up the ghost on 10 November 2018 on the age of 78.