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Beto Cuevas is the stage name of Chilean-Canadian singer, songwriter, actor, and artist Luis Alberto Cuevas Olmedo (born September 12, 1967).

He is the band La Ley’s lead vocalist from Chile. With the publication of his solo album, Miedo Escénico, in 2008, he began his solo career.

He released Transformación, his second album, in 2012.

Beto Cuevas Music Career

When Beto visited Concón, Chile in 1988, he had the opportunity to meet La Ley drummer Mauricio Clavera. Cuevas was persuaded by Clavera to join the group, who had recently lost Iván Delgado and Sha Arbul.

Beto made his singing debut for La Ley on their debut album, Desiertos, and rapidly established himself as the group’s voice. Doble Opuesto, the second album by La Ley, was shortly made available.

In the early years of the group, Andrés Bobe, the band’s founder and leader, wrote the music while Cuevas solely contributed the lyrics to the songs. La Ley rose to prominence at this time, ranking among the most popular bands in the nation.

After a charity concert, Bobe was killed in a motorbike accident in 1994, forcing Beto to take over as group leader. With the aid of his bandmates, he transitioned from being the group’s outward face to its primary creative force.

The two halves of La Ley’s narrative are titled Before and After Andrés Bobe. After the demise of Andres, Beto has a huge impact. The band adopts a musical direction that propels its success throughout Latin America.

As he co-directs the music videos for the Invisible (1995) album, Beto starts to investigate the seventh art.

Many experts attribute La Ley’s distinctive sound, which is unheard of in Chilean and Latin bands, to his time spent living in North America.

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Members of the band were unhappy as their popularity declined in Chile as their fame increased abroad.

They were portrayed as the “Mexican” group La Ley in numerous Chilean radio and television programs.

The band appeared on Channel 13’s La Movida del Festival on February 21, 2001, the day before the Via del Mar Festival.

A viewer informs during a live interview that the group recently won a Grammy for best alternative rock group.

La Ley starts to reclaim recognition in their own nation after this occasion and the performance at the Quinta Vergara the following day.

The group records their MTV Unplugged in the middle of 2001, which is a huge success throughout Latin America.

However, for the band members, the most significant event is when La Ley is finally acknowledged as the greatest Chilean band of all time as a result of the Grammy, their performance at the Via del Mar festival, and the new acoustic album.

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Beto Cuevas, Pedro Frugone, and Mauricio Clavera make the decision to leave La Ley in 2005.

Beto worked on a number of little projects with Masters at Work, including the song “Loud” (“Little Louie” Vega & Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez”). He re-released the song “Mentira,” which was featured on the soundtrack for the movie La mujer de mi hermano and was first made available on La Ley MTV Unplugged.

Other projects include a collaboration with the Chilean band Los Prisioneros on their album Manzana. In the song “Insatisfacción,” a cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and in the song “Eres Mi Hogar,” Beto played synthesizers, guitars, and sang.

He filmed “The Autograph,” an episode of the Canal Fox Latinoamérica series Tiempo Final in 2007, in which he portrays a character named Beto.

Beto received an invitation to interview Morrissey in September 2008 for the Los Angeles-based channel LATV owned by a friend of his.

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His solo debut is pre-launched in March 2008. He hasn’t performed with La Ley in over two years at this point.

His more intimate US tour is supported by Jack Daniel’s and takes place before the release of his debut solo album and the major stages.

On September 23, 2008, his first solo album, Miedo Escénico, was released. It produced the hits “Vuelvo,” “Háblame,” and “Un Minuto de Silencio.”

On November 30, he gave a brief but impactful lecture at the Teleton 2008’s conclusion in Chile.

He recorded a cover of the George Michael song Faith on September 8 at La 100’s soundstage in Buenos Aires (99.9 fm). La 100 en Vivo, an album, contains the song.

Beto Cuevas Wiki

Name of birth: Luis Alberto Cuevas Olmedo

Date of birth: September 12, 1967 (age 55)

Occupation(s): Actor, spokesperson, model, tv presenter, singer, record producer

Height: 184 cm (6 ft 0 in)


He performed on stage with Raphael on February 26, 2010, at the Via del Mar Festival; he was scheduled to perform alone the next day, but the rest of the festival had to be canceled due to an earthquake that struck Chile’s southern region on February 27.

Produced by Humberto Gatica and including performers like Miguel Bosé, Michael Bublé, Fher Olvera, Juan Luis Guerra, Shakira, Laura Pausini, and Alejandro Sanz, Beto released a cover of the Violeta Parra classic, Gracias a la Vida, in May 2010.

The single’s whole net proceeds will be used to aid in the recovery and support of all Chileans affected by the earthquake.

His album Transformación, which includes 12 songs and various collaborations with celebrities like Leire Martnez in “Goodbye,” was published on September 25, 2012.

The album was totally produced in the US, and it immediately received a Billboard charting.

Along with Paulina Rubio, Jenni Rivera, and Miguel Bosé, Beto was chosen to be one of the coaches on La Voz… México’s second season of talent competitions.

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After nine years apart, La Ley eventually got back together in 2014 and started a new tour.

In the 2019 all-star Mexican production of Jesus Christ Superstar, Beto plays the title role of Jesus Christ.

Beto Cuevas Personal Life

He was born in Montreal, Quebec, and then moved to Caracas, Venezuela, where he was reared. He speaks French, English, and Spanish with ease.

He also has a Canadian passport because his family emigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to escape Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship. He wed the model Estela Mora in 2002; they are recently divorced.

Martina, born in 1988 (from Estela’s first marriage in Argentina), and Diego are his two children (born 1992). Beginning in May 2010, he had a year-long love connection with Bárbara Mori, an actress.

Beto Cuevas Film Career

In the 2005 Mexican movie La mujer de mi hermano (English: My brother’s girlfriend), Cuevas played Padre Santiago.

In the 2007 American movie Borderland, he had a significant part as the character Santillan.

Who is Beto Cuevas wife?

He also has a Canadian passport because his family emigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to escape Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship.

He wed the model Estela Mora in 2002; they are recently divorced. Martina, born in 1988 to Estela’s first marriage in Argentina, and Diego are his two children born 1992.

Where is Beto Cuevas from?

Santiago, Chile is Beto Cuevas Place of birth.

How old is Beto Cuevas?

Beto Cuevas will be 56 years on 12 September in 2023 while he was born on 12 September 1967.

Does Beto Cuevas have kids?

Yes, he have two kids which are
Martina Cuevas and Diego Cuevas.

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