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Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Biography

Amarachi Amusi popularly known as Ashmusy is a Nigerian actress, content creator model, entrepreneur and influential brand ambassador well known for her work in acting and bringing hair products to more people across Africa and inspiring those with her entrepreneurial journey. She is the founder of the biggest hair product brand in Africa, an African hair care brand founded at only some years of age which has quickly risen to become one of Nigeria’s leading brands. She is best known for her several featuring in Comedy series.

Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Wiki

Real Name Amarachi Amusi
Place Of Birth Obeagu Awkunanaw/Enugu State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Actress • Comedienne
Instagram Ashmusy
Net Worth $300,000

Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Age

Amarachi Amusi popularly known as Ashmusy was born on the 20th of February, 1995 in Nigeria. At the moment of writing this bio, she is 27 years old.

Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Background

Amarachi Amusi was the first daughter born to her parents, who already had three sons. Although being the first born of four can be challenging and hard at times when it comes down to balancing responsibilities in all areas of life, Amarachi’s mom and dad have always been extremely supportive of her career as a startup entrepreneur. Even though growing up was not easy for her, she made sure to help her parents look after her siblings who would always cheer her on as she was working toward being anything other than what people expected from a girl.

Her parents have been every bit as supportive of her career They encouraged her through their numerous challenges and also provided critical resources that she needed in order to grow as her siblings have always been too that show just how much they enjoy having Ama around because they know that she would never let them down. Funny enough, when it comes to showing their approval of Ame’s work life, they’ve even gone so far as attempting to buy into one of Amarachi’s ventures on occasion!

Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Education

Amarachi Amusi attended her primary education level in Good learning school at Gbagada in Lagos State and Federal Government College in Enugu State for her high school education. She graduated after some years, then proceeded to Madonna University in 2012. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.

Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Career

Amara started acting at a very young age when she was still in primary and secondary school. In fact, she stated that “as early as elementary school, I knew that acting was one of my gifts”. Listing the many instances throughout her schooling career with titles such as “the major role player” in the drama club and writing scripts for her classmates to read from, described how passionate Amara has always been about the arts. According to Amarachi, she said;

“Growing up, my talents were acting and talking, I was so into acting that I always had the major roles in most dramas from my primary school days to secondary school.

Sometimes I narrate a story during a school play before the cast begins their drama or I would be a part of the people acting, whichever, I just loved being dramatic.

“You can’t be a successful brand-influencer if you are not dramatic, if you stay indoors a lot, brand influencing is not for you”.

Before she could become an Instagram celebrity, Amarachi discovered her talent for comedy on the street one day. She started performing skits and making comics for advertisers in Nigeria to make money. She keeps up with that hobby today, working as a freelance content creator on Instagram when she’s not busy with other things.

Amarachi used Instagram to start building her fan base and follower base. At first, she started by sharing some of her videos on the platform. Many of these videos were comedy skits which she shared with her audience. People enjoyed them so much that they paid special attention to what she posted. As a creative soul, Amarachi built up a loyal fan base who were eager to see what she would come up with next – not long afterwards, brands began seeking out Amarachi for sponsorships as well!

The lovely Amarachi Amusi is the CEO of Ashmusy Empire, a company which helps aspiring entrepreneurs know what it really takes to build a social-enterprise. What’s more, that they give women working in difficult conditions the chance to share their stories with millions of people through their work. She also owns Ashmusy hair, an online store that sells wear and interesting fashion items on Instagram.

Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Relationship

Ashmusy has no husband as she is currently single, but she can’t be described as “single” due to her relationship with a handsome man whom she’s known for quite some time and it seems that their relationship has been going strong for good reasons. Just recently, Ashmusy shared with her fans on social media platforms an image of herself holding the hands of her boyfriend during what we can only describe as a pleasant walk in the sea side.

Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Instagram

Amarachi Amusi is a popular Instagram influencer thanks to her skits and she’s gathered an impressive Instagram followers on her account. Check out her latest Instagram posts and videos @Ashmusy

Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Net Worth

Amarachi Amusi aka Ashmusy is a Nigerian actress who naturally discovered her talent and passion for skits after making her first money from being an Influencer to promote various brands on social media, where she was paid a handsome amount of 15K naira. The up and coming starlet has a current net worth of $300k US dollars

Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy) Facts

• Amarachi Amusi is a renowned Nigerian entrepreneur, social media influencer, actress, model and internet celebrity.

• She is With a growing fan base and a growing business portfolio.

• She is a social media influencer, actress, model and internet celebrity.

• She has over huge number of followers on Instagram and over 600,000 followers on Twitter.

• She is a young lady with a passion for entrepreneurship and business.

• She is a young lady who is out to make a difference in the lives of people.

• She is one of the most beautiful and successful Nigerian entrepreneur who has made a name for herself through her hard work and determination.

• She is a role model to many young girls and women in Nigeria.

• She is a successful entrepreneur that owns a number of companies and regularly gives advice to women and girls about how to succeed in business.

• She is a young woman who is respected by both men and women.

• She is a popular social media influencer that regularly posts photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

• She is a successful actress who plays various roles in movies and television series.

• She is a business woman who has made it big in the business world by working hard, being determined and smart.

• Amarachi is a passionate individual, who refuses to be pushed around by the system. She believes that anyone can make it in life, if they just go out and get it.

• She is a strong believer in the fact that anyone can achieve their dreams, if they keep working hard towards it.

• Amarachi is a huge fan of motivational talks, which is why she always tries to motivate people around her.

• Her style is modern and trendy, and she has a youthful look.

• She is a fashion blogger and an aspiring model.

• She has a great sense of fashion and has a wonderful relationship with her followers.

• Her style is modern and trendy, and she has a youthful look.

• She is a fashion blogger and an aspiring model.

• She has a great sense of fashion and has a wonderful relationship with her followers.

• Her passion for fashion, travel, and people has inspired her to seek more knowledge and to share with the world.

• Her lifestyle blog is a platform for providing information on fashion, travel and lifestyle.

• She is a beautiful, talented and skillful Nigerian entrepreneur.

• She is an actress, model and internet celebrity.

• She is gorgeous and loved by her fans and followers.

• Amarachi Amusi is a very popular Nigerian Entrepreneur, social media influencer, actress, model and internet celebrity.

• She is also a skilful and talented in what she does and is loved by her fans.

• She is gorgeous, skillful in her craft and has a lot of talents.

• Amarachi is a role model for many people especially for the young generation.

• She has a great personality and is very dedicated to her work. She is hardworking and is determined to achieve her goals and dreams.

• A successful businesswoman and a global business celebrity.

• Amarachi is a beautiful young woman with a charming personality and a gift for entertainment.

• Beautiful and talented.

• She is a self-made businesswoman, who started from zero and built a successful career for herself.

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