7 Effective and simple ways to save business on travel

The cost of travel is constantly increasing, and it’s a big expense for any business. Whether you’re looking to save money on flights or hotel stays, we’ve got 7 ways that will help you save on your next trip.

1) Use a points-based loyalty program: If your company uses one, try using their point system to book your flight instead of paying the full price. You can also use frequent flyer miles from one airline to book with another carrier so that you can earn more points without spending extra money.

2) Group trips together: Instead of booking separate trips for each person in your group (which can get costly), consider travelling as a team and splitting everything – transportation costs, food expenses, etc.

3) Use public transportation: If you need to get to a city from the airport, don’t assume that getting into a cab is your only option. Most big cities have extensive public transit systems that rival those of America’s biggest cities at much lower prices and with fewer headaches.

4) Try couch-surfing: Instead of booking a hotel room, check out couchsurfing.org to use a host’s home for the night. Not only can you stay in someone’s house free of charge, but you’ll get an insider’s view of the city if your host is willing to show you around (and they usually are).

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5) Renting apartments: This one isn’t necessarily about saving money on a trip, but if you travel often and for long periods of time, it might be worthwhile to get an apartment in your destination city instead of a hotel room. Not only will this allow you more space and privacy, but you’ll have access to a kitchen as well (if that’s important) at rates cheaper than any accommodations available in the area.

6) Camping: Considering this method if you’re looking to travel cheaply. Many people assume that it’s only cheaper than staying in a hotel if you have your own equipment, but considering the cost of 2-star hotels these days, camping is sometimes the cheaper option and can be just as comfortable.

7) Use free maps: If you’re travelling to a city for work or pleasure, don’t assume that you have to pay $25 for a guide book. Most cities have their own tourist maps available online (many of them even come in an app format) which can be just as good and don’t cost you anything more than the price of internet access.


Traveling for work can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at these seven ways and see if any of them might help your business save on travel costs in the future.

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