Who Is Seyi Awolowo? And 20 Fact about Seyi Awolowo, Bb naija

Seyi Awolowo Facts

If you really want to know fact about Seyi Awolowo you are in the right page.

Seyi real name is Awolowo Seyi born on twenty eighth of Dec 1989 in Ogun State to Awolowo family, it happen to be Chief Obafemi Awolowo grandchild.

He is one among the massive Brother Naija(Bbnaija) contestant in year 209 ANd this big brother naija 2019 housemate in question is an businessman and well growing businessman.

Seyi Awolowo age are thirty years on twenty eighth of Dec within the year 2019 and he will be thirty three on twenty eighth of Dec within the year 2022.

He has show case in many Tv commercials and modeled for various organizations and conjointly play roles in Tv series within which is extremely sensible in roles.

Till currently we’ve no record that seyi Arowolo unify to any girl and that we square measure extremely suprise to envision that at the age of thirty years.

Seyi extremely show is beliefs with the demonstrations of Savior tattoo across his arm.

He is a Medical Doctors, businessman, Actor, Talent, recuiter, MC/TV host and he conjointly model for various Organization.

Seeing himself on huge big brother naija sign for the primary time is one amongst the happiest moments of his life.

Awolowo seyi has show in many auditions and worked with common Tv commercials like seasoner tootpaste, Etisalat, broadcast and crew and a lot of.

Late Obafemi Awolowo is paw was first premier of the former western region of Nigeria(African country) from the year 1953 to the year 1960 and he’s one amongst the folks that fought for our independent in Nigeria.

Ex-housemates paid the new housemates a visit as they celebrated independent day within the arena game, Some housemate saw him and react to him standing extremely on the point of Bambam where as taking a footage.

Her husband isn’t extremely pleased with the approach he stand on the point of his partner, thus he ill-treated seyi hand slightly from the rear whispering to seyi to remain removed from his partner.

Many Nigerian’s has react to the current incident that happen between Seyi and Teddy A on social medial which individuals react to on twitter.

Here we’ve some reactions from nigerians on Twitter:

loocochi react say’s “It was simply bants and jokes. you all to grasp that these housemates don’t know they’re married. however take a note of however Seyi stepped back once he saw the ring? initial of all Teddy A over reacted with the slap ,also Seyi ought to have let the difficulty be.”

Cryssie89 react say’s “But this Seyi just confirmed what I at the start felt concerning him! Like dude! it’s similar to a woman coming back to ‘playfully’ hit on my husband in my presence, and u expect ME to smile sort of a dolor? Respect boundaries ma nigga.”

Aleon116 say’s “Seyi was truly obtaining too on the point of her,from all those jokes.”

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Clubdiddy react Say’s “Is Bambam not aware she is married? If Seyi was planning to shut for comfort, she could’ve told him, “I am married currently o and my husband is Teddy A”, she can’t have that rather ass and you’re thinking that you won’t have guys following sheepishly. Lol. i think Teddy A could’ve done higher.”

Dandy_mee react say’s “From the half I watched before attending to bed, i used to be extremely uncomfortable with the approach Seyi was obtaining on the point of Bambam. I solely guess Teddy A felt an equivalent approach too. i might rather offer him what’s over a slap as a result of he all acted like he had no regards for Teddy.”

Kandel_Pariz react say’s “If Teddy A is Insecure along with his lady i might respect 2BABA as a result of Annie is consistently been peck by Ik ogbonna, even in his presence. What Seyi did was wrong by talking concerning Teddy once the Carnival.. He ought to grasp Teddy A is usually Jealous once it involves Bambam.”

Seyi Awolowo Details

Name: Seyi Awolowo

Age: 30 years old (2019)

Nationality: Nigerian

Place of Birth: Ogun state

Place of residence: Lagos, Nigeria

Marital status: Single

Occupation: Medical Doctor, Businessman

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