20 Easy Ways To Save And Have Money

Money! I hope you know what money is! If not, in an easy and simple way, money is what you work to earn to achieve your desire and need.

I hope you know that without money individual will not be able to do the things you wish to do because if there is no fund that is money, things will not work out as expected.

In other words, money serves as a means of survival for humans, since you know that no human in the universe can succeed without making money. Although world believes that money is the root of everything …

The Bible says that man must work hard to survive. I hope you never forget that human being will eat from the fruit of their labour.

Work to earn, earn to save, and save to survive for future purposes

5 Reasons for having money

There are so many reasons why we have to make money but we just have to briefly talk about this five reasons:

1. To Meet our daily needs: Man’s needs exceeds the available resources, it’s ever increasing.

2. To secure opportunity: I know you will be surprised to see the second reason that has to do with securing opportunity, which is listed as one of the reasons we need to make money. I’ve got a question for you.

If my question is welcome, Opportunity comes in what way? This is a simple question that you should be able to answer without any stress.

The opportunity presents itself in different ways. Once you have money, you can take advantage of every  opportunity that presents itself without you seeking for help in other people for money.

3. To avoid poverty or suffering: Poverty is something that has already ravaged mostly in our societies today because there is no work, although some can work but don’t want to, and this is caused by laziness. Work hard to make it in life.

4. To have a public image: if you don’t succeed in life, nobody is going to 
care whether you exist or not but the  moment you start having money, people
will turn you into a public figure.

5. To have more money: money is never enough for those that are rich, I think that is the reason why they work to earn more and more money as possible.

20 Easy Ways To Save And Have Money

1. Pray to have

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2. Plan to save

3. Avoid impulse spending

4. Learn to bagain

5. Piggy save

6. Stock store

7. Rent out your rentable things

8. Buy in bulk

9. Use things wisely

10. Avoid going around with your card

11. Buy quality

12. list your need and want

13. Start contribution

14. Invest

15. Set goal

16. Avoid negative friends

17. Think wisely

18. Have Wife not girl/woman

19. Try to multiply

20. Avoid your past and get addicted to success.

Here are the twenty easy ways to save and have money

Below are the list of the twenty ways to have money irrespective of your locations. Let’s have little discussion on the ways listed above.

1. Pray to Have: Prayer is a way to communicate with our Creator. Tell God what you need and what you want, once your efforts are crown to have all the good things you want in life, it will be very easy to have money.

2. Plan To Save: Wear to the habit of Save on, do not spend everything you earn without saving something for another day or for unexpected things you can need money to do.

3. Avoid Impulse Spending: Always affects almost everyone. What do I mean by that, almost all of us buy what we don’t want to buy beforehand because you see the thing attractive or see people who buy it.

You’ll be happy to buy too, even if you don’t right now. Avoid Buying Things for Buying sake, once you can do this you will have money because all the money you spend on these things will be saved on something important Knowing

4.  Learn To Bargin: what do I mean by saying you need to learn how to bargain products before you pay. Before we go any further, bargaining is an agreement between the buyer and seller for the sale of certain goods or services, in order word is also a contract by which one party agrees to oppose the right to certain goods or services Transfer consideration and the other person undertakes to receive the goods or services and to pay the consideration.

The Truth Is Nothing. It is good to pay any amount for goods or services, but it is a best idea to negotiate before you agree on the amount you will pay for goods or services.

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5. Use Piggy Save: I will start saving once I start earning a better salary is a bad decision to make because a thousand miles start with one step, why you don’t start now ?, Start today, start now with any amount you can afford.

Piggy save is one of the easiest ways to save your money, once you start you will be able to keep in mind that you have money in a particular place too.

You can use the money saved in piggy bank to buy whatever you wish to buy, things like furnitures, television, decoder, mattress, land, house, car, etc.

6. Stock Store: You can have money by storing your stock to avoid buying units in the environment.

Once your store is filled with everything you need, you can save money or have money while inventory will last a long time for better things instead of buying things that aren’t necessary.

7. Rent Out Your things : we have a lot of people ready to rent out things they have once they need money.

Renting your things to earned is a great idea, once you are ready to make money this way buddy is good to announce that you made a good decision.

We have so many things you can rent out, things like houses, rooms, shops, cars, books, machines, games, etc.

8. Buy in Bulk: Buying things you always buy On the street in bulk will help, you can also save money while buying in bulk. You can’t compare the price of things you buy in unit to the price you buy in bulk.

9. Use things wisely: Some people use the things they have anyhow because they have money to buy it, not ok at all. If they use these things wisely, the money to buy another one will be use for something else.

Using things wisely will help save your money by extending the time to get another one.

10. Avoid walking Around with your card: There are lots of attractive things everywhere and I never see a person who will see lovely things without buying himself unplanned things.

Going around with your card will give space to unexpected purchases or make use of ATMs for cash as unscheduled.

11. Purchase Quality: Quality is better than quantity in all ways, but I don’t really understand why people prefer to buy quantity to qualify maybe because it’s cheaper and a lot or something else I can’t understand.

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The truth is that quality will save you money than quantity, let’s take for instance when you get a product at a different price, i am sure the higher price products will last longer than the lower price products.

Buying a quality product will help you save money instead of buying the same thing all the time.

12. List Your Need And Want: The idea of ​​buying things anyhow is not a good idea anyway, the best thing to do whenever you want to something is to list the things you need or want in order to know the things you will buy accordingly, this will help you to reduce the level of purchase of what you don’t need or want.

13. Start Contribution: contribution is also one of the easy ways to have money these days, through contribution you can easily achieve better plans. Once you join Contribution you will be able to try with all your possible best to save money and there will be no time to unplanned spending.

14. Invest: Seeing how little money you have, you should know that this capital that you have and see little can be use to start something.

Always try to invest the little capital you have in something that you can earn at the end of the day.

15. Set Goal: A goal is what you set and attempt to achieve.. So many many people as no goal set to achieve, but it will be very nice to set a good goals to achieve. Your goal keep you away from is not worthy to bother on.

16. Avoid negative friends: Bad friends don’t encourage good things, what they will do is to help you to spend little money you have, they will never give you advice on how to use the money you have to be productive.

17. Think Wisely: We human have the power to think in anyway we wish but thinking wisely is not common. When you think Wisely, that is when you will be able to think of how the little money you have can multiply

18. Have a woman that can support you

19. Try to multiply

20. Avoid your past and become addicted to success

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