How To Swap Your Old Smartphone To New One In Lagos, Nigeria | What It Require To Swap Your Old Smartphone

We are introducing to you the “Swap Phone” activity- a plan that enables our Infinix, TECNO, itel users to upgrade their phones to the latest models by exchanging with their old phone and a token amount of money. We developed this plan with your best interests at heart; so you can get things when they matter most!

When your phone is old and you’re looking to upgrade, don’t just throw it out. You can trade in that older model for a newer one at the nearest Carlcare store! The best part? It costs less than what you would spend on purchasing an entirely new device from another provider.

But wait – there’s more: we also recycle all phones so as not to contribute any environmental waste into local communities or landfills which means everyone wins when they choose our swap program over anything else with their outdated handheld devices.

Infinix, TECNO and itel users can now swap their old phone for the latest model by exchanging with a token amount of money. The activity is designed to help you get the phones you want when they’re available while still providing an affordable alternative because we know that’s important to our customers like yourself!

How Can I swap my Smartphone?

To get your old smartphone swapped out for a new one, you’ll need to make an appointment at our service center or with the authorized phone store nearest you. For more information on what we require in order to process this swap request, contact us today!

To complete every step of the swap-phone process, come visit thir helpful staff here at the nearby phone shop with all the necessary documentation as well as reciepts from purchase and identification.

We don’t want your phone to get lost, so if you lose the receipt for purchase then provide identification and they will be happy to help. Once all information is verified at their service center or other authorized stores , a professional assesses the value of your device and assigns it as such before taking into consideration any upgrades that may take place based on what you are looking for in a new phone.

If there is no upgrade available, simply choose from one of their many models with prices quoted accordingly by model name brand & desired features.

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Where Can I Swap My Smartphone In Nigeria?


No.5, Oba Akran Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel No: 08138615848

Area: ikeja 


2nd floor, Digital Square, No.20, Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel No: 09036003533

Area: ikeja  Swap brand: TECNO, Infinix, itel


No 5a oba akran ikeja

Tel No: 08132202152

Area: ikeja  Swap brand: TECNO, Infinix, itel

Tecno Store Shoprite

Address:Ikeja City Mall

Tel No: 07038184716

Area: ikeja  Swap brand: TECNO

Affordables Ikeja

Address: Computer Village, 7 Kodesoh St, Ikeja

Tel No: 07030945557

Area: ikeja Swap brand: TECNO, Infinix, itel

Other Addresses

Where you can swap your smartphone

Darlin Ronkus Phones Ventures

Address: 10 Otigba St, computer village, Ikeja

Tel No: 08034246280

Area: ikeja

Phone Bank Enterprises

Address: 1 Adepele St, Computer village, Ikeja

Tel No: 08022736688

Area: ikeja

Rollin Technologies & Communication Ltd

Address: 29 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja

Tel No: 07050299477

Area: ikeja

Dovelink communications

Address: shop B12 New Bannex plaza, Wuse  II Abuja

Tel No: 08185393522

Area:  Abuja



Tel No: 08061571060

Area:  Abuja

Adol Lilly Communications Limited

Address: olayeni street, computer village, lagos

Tel No: 08113074742

Area: ikeja

Phone Bank Enterprises II

Address: 6 Otigba street, computer village, ikeja, Lagos

Tel No: 08089371656

Area: ikeja

Golden Eagle Apapa

Address: 18 baale street olodi apapa

Tel No: 08087789244

Area: Ajegunle

Jovylink Lawanson

Address: Chimex Plaza lawanson

Tel No: 08026990029

Area: Lawanson

Jovylink Surulere

Address: 5/7 lawanson road, olatilewa street, surulere, lagos

Tel No: 08026990029

Area: Lawanson

Topdeal Ikeja

Address: 23 Obafemi Awolowo Way, COMPUTER VILLAGE, Ikeja

Tel No: 08033043027

Area: Ikorodu

Gadget Hub Plus

Address:17 Queen Elizabeth I I Road, Ibadan

Tel No: 09057989813

Area: Ibadan

Jilomaac Phone Shop

Address: shop 3, 2 floor, memories super store building, sapele road

Tel No: 07034061686

Area: Sapele

TECNO Exclusive Shop Jilomaac

Address: No 124 Iyabo Villa, Sapele-Warri Road

Tel No: 07034061686

Area: Sapele

Tecno Exclusive Spectrum

Address: No 9 Alaba Int’L Market Alaba, Lagos

Tel No: 08062887797

Mactee Communications Alaba

Address: alaba international market alaba

Tel No: 07030856741

Area: Alaba

TECNO Exclusive King Oaks Yaba

Address: No 1 Hussey Street, WAEC Bstop, Yaba, Lagos

Tel No: 08023501821

Area: Yaba

TECNO Exclusive Festac

Address: 32 Road by 31 Road Junction, Festac Town, Lagos

Tel No: 08033161482

Area: Festac

Affordables Unilag

Address: University Of Lagos, Lagos

Tel No: 08141678751

Area: Yaba

Mchris IV

Address: No. 1, Idiroko/ Lagos, Abeokuta Expressway, Sango Ota

Tel No: 08188801474

Area: Sango Ota

Mchris II

Address: Idiroko Road, Oju Ore Round-About, Opp So Filling Station

Tel No: 08188801474

Area: Sango Ota

Mchris V

Address: 847, Lagos-Abeokuta Express Way, Kolington B/Stop, Alagbado, Lagos

Tel No: 08188801474

Area: Kola

Mchris III

Address: Shop Ul 38, The Palms Shopping Mall, Sango Ota, Ogun State.

Tel No: 08188801474

Area: Sango Ota

Mchris VI

Address: Km 7, Idiroko Road, Iyana Iyesi Junction, , Ogun State

Tel No: 08188801474

Area: Iyana

Mchris I

Address: 3,Ijoko Road,Sango Otta Roundabout,

Ogun State, Nigeria.

Test No: 08188801474

Area: Sango Ota

La Place

Address: 11, Tolaf, Queen Elizabeth Rd, Ibadan

Tel No: 08103642879

Area: Ibadan


Address: Suite 13,km 14 Elegushi Ultra Modern Market.

Tel No: 07033134600

Area: Ajah

Fussy Tech Phones

Address: Ikota Shopping Complex Ajah

Tel No: 07033134600

Area: Ajah

Mchidon I

Address: 36,abeokuta expressway opp. st.mary Roman Catholic mission,ifo market,ogun state

Tel No: 08037005219

Area: Ifo

Mchidon II

Address: Old Bank Bus Stop, Ifo, Ogun state

Tel No: 08037005219

Area: Ifo


Address: 12, Saka Jojo Street, off Adeola Odeku Victoria Island Lagos

Area: Victoria Island

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Other Answers

How To Swap Your Old Smartphone In Nigeria?


Do you know that a new smartphone is worth as much as three months’ salary in Nigeria? And if the phone is old, it’s not worth anything. If your phone is over two years old and you’re still paying for data, chances are that this blog post will help save you some money.

In order to swap an old smartphone in Nigeria, all one has to do is visit any of these stores: MTN Recharge Point, Glo Shop (online), or Jumia Mobile Store. Once at the store, go online on your laptop and check if they have what you need in stock – but first make sure that the store accepts cash before heading there because most shops don’t accept cards! After selecting your desired model


With the recent release of new smartphone models, you might be wondering how to get rid of your old one. You may have heard about a company that will buy back your old phone, but if not here are some places in Nigeria where you can swap it for cash or other items:

-Sell it at Jumia – use their Trade-In feature and get paid within days!    -Trade it in with select DStv dealers like TVC (Nigeria) Plc and Obodo

– find them near you and they’ll give you money on the spot.  

-Swap with popular brands like Samsung, Apple and Nokia through their trade-in programs. Remember though that these companies only offer vouchers.


– Give it away to a friend or relative.

– Sell it for cash.

– Swap with a different model at the same retailer.


Step 01

Visit the company physical stores for customers to get a physical valuation of old devices.

Step 02

After physical inspection, they will offer you a certain amount of money for your old device.

Step 03

If you are swapping in a phone that cost N50,000 and want to buy the newest Smartphone for N100,000 then you will only be charged an extra 50% of the price.


The process is easy-peasy. Just make your way to one of their physical stores, have a look at the device and wait for them to offer you an amount based on it’s market value! They’ll even help you trade in any phone that cost $5000-$10000 now so you can get yourself something new while still saving some money– like say buying a brand spankin’ iPhone X instead of the Samsung Galaxy 8? You’d be paying only 50% more than what they paid us if we swapped our old crapy Smartphone in!


Step 01 – The company collects old devices from customers and physically inspects them before offering a specific amount of money for the device. After inspection, they will either offer you an immediate cash refund or ask if you would like to swap in your phone with their newest model at half-price.

A lot of people are not aware that this service exists which is why we’re here to help make it easier on everyone! So what do I need? Well all you have to provide us is any brand name cell phone so long as it’s in working condition. We’ll also give some helpful tips for best practices when selling electronics online; just follow our checklist below: ✓ Make sure your items have been tested and verified while still under warranty.


A lot of us have old devices lying around the house and we just don’t know what to do with them. Fortunately, you can now get cash for your old device at Evergreen Exchange! Simply visit one of our physical stores so that a trained technician will examine your phone physically before giving you an offer based on its condition. If they notice any significant damage like cracked or broken glass, water/liquid damaged screens etc., then it might not be worth trying to sell it because they’ll probably give you less than if nothing’s wrong (so make sure anything is 100% ok beforehand). Of course, all this depends on which model of phone was purchased when new – lower-end models tend only fetch £50 in comparison to higher end.


Trade old devices for cash with your company physical stores! It’s easy, just visit them and we’ll value the device you’re looking to trade in based on purchase price and condition of product. Next, they will offer a certain amount of money for your phone- it could be more than what you expected if its scratched or missing important parts like cameras/speakers etc., but even when buying an expensive model there are deals waiting at our store too! You can swap in any smartphone that cost N50k (that is used) as long as you want to buy one costing from N100K then alls well because only 50% extra would have been charged; this means 100% back so nothing lost here ;).