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Your Unlimited free Data is here. Y’ello! naijaextra care’s about you and everywhere you go.

Welcome to the MTN Unlimited Free Data. My question is, What is mobile phone if not for the access to the Internet ?, The reason why we are giving out this information is because we notice now are days date really help in the area of businesses. Some business as to do with communications through social media such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Eskimi, WhatsApp etc and without data, that will not be possible. Nothing is wrong in run out of data but it will be bad when the data run out when you needed it most and you are out of cash.

Step’s to access this unlimited data is very simple, Simple as ABC. Before you run out of that this time, set everything you need to set with tge steps below and when you run out that you will be enjoying the Unlimited data.

Step’s To Unlimited Data

Step 1: First thing you need to do is to download an application called “Stark VPN Reloaded” on Play Store. The picture of the application is show below.

Step 2: when you are done, downloading the application. Open the application, when you open the application it will look like this picture below.

Now to the Configuration/ Setting’s of the application

Step 3: After you open the application. click on Custom in white background. Make sure it remains on Custom, it will look like this picture below.

Step 4: Click on the Red Custom. when you click on it will show Custom Settings.

Custom Settings will show this picture below:

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Custom Setting’s

Step 1: Click on Select Connection Mode, click to select: HTTP.

Step 2: Click on Server Port, click to write. 8080.

Step 3: Click on Host Header, click to write.

Step 4: Click Select Header Line Type, click to select. Multiline

Step 5: Leave the Reverse Proxy Unclick.

Step 6: Click on Proxy Host, click to write.

Step 7: Click on Proxy Pirt, click to write. 8080

Step 8: click the arrow to back.

You are done setting
the Spark VPN Reloaded.


When you are ready to use this unlimited data. ON your data, Open the application Spark VPN Reloaded and click on the Red Button.

If the red button show Green it means you are connected to enjoy the Unlimited Data

Hope it’s helpful?

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