Metering: Hurdles for DisCos’ customers as NERC wastes 88 days of MAP procurement

Over four million unmetered electricity consumers of the 11 Distribution Companies (DisCos) may still contend with the estimated billing methodology till October 2018 as the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has wasted an initial 88 days from 120 days for procuring Meter Asset Providers (MAP), the Daily Trust exclusively reports.


The Commission issued the MAP Regulation 2018 in March and Section 8(2) of it mandated the DisCos to conclude procurement for engaging the first set of MAP firms within 120 days from April 3, 2018.

This paper learnt that NERC itself did not complete the ‘No Objection’ permit it was supposed to grant the firms that applied for MAP before the DisCos could engage them.

The Daily Trust also reports that the Commission only updated the list of the 50 MAP firms it granted ‘No Objection’ on June 19, 2018, a document obtained from NERC showed. That was already 77 days delay from the 120 days it gave to the DisCos.

A NERC Order on the extension of time obtained yesterday said the commission considered the benefits of the extension at its 15th formal meeting held on June 13, 2018.

The Order No: NERC/180/2018 signed by NERC Chairman, James Momoh, and the Commissioner, Legal, Licensing and Compliance, Dafe Akpeneye and dated June 13, 2018, is said to ensure the effective implementation of the Regulation.

Unmetered consumers who have groaned under acclaimed exploitative bills of the DisCos may have had their hopes dashed as they may wait for another 120 days (four months) from July 1, 2018 for the DisCos to conclude procurement and roll out meters under the Regulation. All procurement issues for MAP are expected to end by October 2018.

The Order amended the Section 8 (2) of the Regulation that mandated the DisCos to conclude procurement process with the first set of MAPs in 120 days beginning from April 3, 2018.

It said “Distribution licensees shall conclude the procurement process for the engagement of the first set of MAPs within 120 days from the 1st day of July 2018. The engagement process for subsequent MAPs shall be completed within 120 days from the commencement of the procurement.”


-Daily Trust

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