Why Maimala Buni deserves a second term as APC national secretary

By Haruna Yusuf Abuja

With less than 10days to the national congress, Maimala Buni the national secretary has a strong case on why members of All Progressive Congress, APC family should give him a second term, to continue with the great and selfless services he has going on, and with his meticulous record that he can run on, and which members can compare to that of his main challenger, APC family, despite the endorsement of president Buhari, before making a determination on who is better suited to take the party and the family to the progressives.


Buni has shaped and brought about the progressives and achievements to APC that is entirely different, and what he has brought to APC that is different is that, his avowed commitment to take the party to the height of progress.


Being a grassroots and dogged politician, Buni is also a political gladiator that is always ahead of his opposition and challengers, his records speak the volume of his exposure and commitments to his selfless and charismatic style of leadership, he’s always on track and on the move to improve cohesion among the APC family.


He also is in anticipation to reconcile conflicts in-house and resolving matters among the aggrieved members that cut across the ApC states, his biggest concern is always to move the party forward and win elections, especially to coordinate the party and members ahead of the 2019 general elections.


With the contenders seeking for the post of national secretary, it has indicated that there is no match for Maimala Buni, with the endorsement and overwhelming support garnered towards him, it is almost assured that Buni will win a second Four (4) years term.


But does he deserve it?

Any discussion about the performance of the national secretary has been mindful of constraint inherent to the party’s position as the incumbent government.


The national secretary is a role that comes with high visibility, but average authority, the real power lies with the member states themselves not the national secretary.


Still when judged by how well he is able to operate within his ambit, Buni’s meticulous record is strong, exemplary, commendable and committed in resolving internal lingering crisis, this offers good example of Buni’s leadership style.


Buni’s reactions and approach to internal crisis in the party offers another insight into his approach to the Job.


Even in a Constraint position like the national secretary, Buni has been a force to the progress of the progressive party.


He deserves a Four (4) more years at the helm of the progressive APC.

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