Lizzy Anjorin: Net Worth, Husband, Age, Career, Education And Facts


Lizzy Aishat Anjorin

You are highly welcome to Lizzy Anjorin page. Here in this page, we are going to give you all information that you need to know about the Nigerian actress called Lizzy Anjorin. In this page you will find out Lizzy Anjorin net Worth, age, husband, children and more that you will like to see.

Lizzy Anjorin

Lizzy Anjorin is a talented Nigerian actress, director, producer and entrepreneur born on April 4 in Lagos Nigeria. She has directed, produced and featured in so many yoruba movies in Nigerian Yoruba Movie Industry. She has work hard to won the Best Actress Award at the Young Achievers Awards in 2012, the City People Movie Award for Yoruba Movie Personality of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2014, the City People Movie Special Recognition Award at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2017 with the City People Movie Award for Yoruba Movie Personality of the Year Female at the City People Entertainment Awards for the second time in 2017.

Lizzy Anjorin Age

Lizzy Anjorin is one of the Nollywood actress that don’t allow year they are born to be transparent to her Fan’s but the only information that we have is that she was born on April 4 which means that she will be celebrating her birthday on 4th of April.

Lizzy Anjorin Education

Lizzy Anjorin finished is primary and secondary school education. She obtained her First Leaving School Certificate and the West African Senior School Certificate. She later proceed to applied for Adekunle Ajasin University located in Ondo state and to God be the glory she was granted admission to study Law but it’s unfortunate that Lizzy Anjorin could not acquired the degree due to unable to finish her University education in Adekunle Ajasin University.

Lizzy Anjorin Net Worth

Lizzy Anjorin is an actress, director, producer and entrepreneur as we said earlier. What will know is that she will be rich due to her profession, we are sorry that we will not be able to provide you info on the actress net worth because the actress don’t allow the estimate of her net worth to be transparent to any of her Fan’s but what will know is that her net Worth will be estimated in Million Naira or dollars.

Lizzy Anjorin Net Worth: Under Review

Lizzy Anjorin Religion

Lizzy Anjorin is a Christian before she later Change to be a Muslim in 2013 and pop up with name Aishat, she adopted Aishat as her Muslim name. Her Muslim name was now added to the previous one, that is why she is now called Lizzy Aishat Anjorin.

Lizzy Anjorin Family

Anjorin gave birth to a child in are early age and we are made to understand that her husband passed away after some months she gave birth to the only child she have for now, this make her to be a single parent.


Any Fan’s that wish to know more about what Lizzy Anjorin is up to on Instagram or that wish to be seeing her new update on Instagram you can follow her on Instagram @lizzyanjorin_Original.

Lizzy Anjorin Facts

Birth Name: Elizabeth Anjorin

Place Of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Children: 1

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