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Kiriku, who is a funny character, is one of the most recent popular young comedians in Nigeria. His fans love him because his comedy skits is about every normal things that can happen in every individual’s life. He has a mixture of funny and serious skits to come up with. His so amazing in such a way that with the help of his comedy, he can make anyone laugh. This blog is about kiriku, we are going to talks about his real name, net worth, age, biography, career, new comedy, education, tribe, birthday, Instagram and more. Read on to find out more about this young Nigeria comedian.

Kiriku Biography

Enorense Victory is the birth name of the comedian who is well recognized by his stage name Kiriku that’s commonly used to refer to him as a young and highly talented nigeria comedian who was born on December 17 in 2014. Kiriku, as he is usually called, started doing comedy in 2015. He is perhaps best known for his comedic signature in the Abeg Shift slang that he usually use in his skit that he performs alongside with his other colleagues.

Kiriku Age

What is the background of the Kiriku fandom? In December, fans of Kiriku began to flock to social medias. Every seventeenth 17th day of December is Kiriku’s birthday. Fans celebrate this as Kiriku’s Day. It also happens that these celebrants are referred to as “Kirikufans” by their peers and as “silly moes” or “silly fangirls” by their less-involved peers.

Kiriku was born on 17th of December. Every time of this date in the year is special for this young handsome comedian, who will celebrating his birthday right on 17th December of this year.

Kiriku Education

​Kiriku (Enorense Victory) is a very creative young comedian who demonstrated his gift for humor in his childhood, where he was known for not just making people laugh, but for being able to complete school Primary school and getting an certificate with honors. He received a certificate from Primary School in his hometown.

Kirirku Career

The now-famous Kiriku began his comedy career when he was in elementary school. He aspired to become a stand-up comedian. At first, he appeared on comic shows with friends since they were all pretending to be 5 years old. In the beginning, Kiriku has participated in several acting competitions which involve street plays and it has been fun for anyone who loves the Nigerian comedy genre.

This level of exposure gave him a sort of experience that would be very useful once his true calling was found at the age of young age. He loved being on stage; it was everything that made him happy.

Luckily enough, one day while attending one of those theater shows – they happened to call ‘street play’ – someone approached Kiriku and told them about their company called Dash Comedy and asked if he would like to audition for their audition programs which have been taking place in Lagos recently. Sure enough, he went for the auditions and was highly accepted!

Kiriku Net worth

Comedian Kiriku is a highly valuable source of comedy in Nigeria and one that the general public will follow for many years to come. With a net worth of $70,000, Kiriku has already gathered a sizable following but continues to present his brand of comedy in many areas throughout Nigeria that span both the urban and rural demographics.

Kiriku Instagram

Kiriku is a stand-up comedian that is much available on Instagram. He posts the latest skits of his comedy routines that he keeps ditching out for his audience who are online on Instagram. If you want to be one of the people who can watch Kiriku’s new comedy videos as they first come out, follow him on Instagram @Kirikuofficial.

Kiriku New Comedy

If you enjoy fresh comedy and would like to see some funny videos you should follow Kiriku on Instagram! There are always new skits being uploaded for your watching pleasure. He post hot ones there first so keep an eye out for them!

One of the most recent funny comedy Skits is about Kiriku’s New Comedy: if you like to see them first, make sure to follow Kiriku on Instagram @Kirikuofficial .

Kiriku Fame

One of the most talented comedians out there is Kiriku, who has performed alongside some serious heavy hitters like Oga Sabinus and Broda Shaggi as well as Tunde Ednut who blogged about him to spotlight online, which help to found a huge audience.

It is easy enough to tell that Kiriku is a gifted comedian that is unlike any other. It takes a special kind of talent to hold his audience in awe and make them laugh repeatedly without fail.

His comedic delivery helps him connect with his audiences immediately which works to his favor when he does stage shows. Kiriku’s comedy style may have something to do with this – the only thing we can find about him is that it seems as though he pays too much attention to making people laugh which is good rather than on improving other things that doest worth to waste his time. There’s is new comedy he posts on Instagram and take his time to find how they should start appearing in more relevant places where they can be seen.

You Need To Know

  • Kiriku Biography Enorense Victory is a comedian known for his signature techniques of inducing laughter among his audiences by attempting to make them feel as if they are in some sort of dream state. If there was ever a method to induce a surreal atmosphere, Kiriku’s signature in comedy would definitely be it!
  • He’s the next big thing in the Nigerian comedy scene.
  • • He’s a stand-up comedian, actor.
  • He’s also use for meme-making.
  • He’s popular for his comedy skits and his famous Abeg Shift comedy.
  • As a comedian, he is able to make people laugh and forget their worries.
  • His comedy is refreshing, unique and mind-blowing.
  • As a comedian, he is able to make people laugh and forget their worries.
  • Utilizes the funniest, most laughable and entertaining form of comedy in skit making which is his forte.
  • He has taken his talent to various states in Nigeria.
  • He has featured in several skit competition, comedy and other skit shows
  • He has collaborated with other comedians and some of them are so popular in Nigeria.
  • He is currently based in Lagos and he has a record number of views on YouTube.
  • He can be booked for events and shows.
  • His skits have made him win some ambassador in Nigeria.
  • He is one of the best and most successful comedy skits producers in Nigeria.
  • He’s a gifted actor and has performed dramas in several comic shows
  • He’s a small boy but proves he’s super talented
  • Kiriku has been awarded and was also given an award as the best child actor on his first film
  • One of the fastest growing actors in the Nigerian entertainment industry
  • The first boy child to be given chance to be in a comedy show and was successful
  • The boy has featured in several movies and events.
  • He has performed dramas in several comic shows and events.
  • He is a super gifted actor and he is popularly known for his funny and crazy skit which he does with his crew “Edo boys”.
  • He’s a small boy but he proves he’s a great actor.
  • He’s a super talented Comedian.
  • He won the first position in a drama competition.
  • He’s the most sought after comedian in Africa.

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