FADAN president advises youths to earn public respect through decent dressing

The Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) has advised youths in the country to always dress decently to command public respect, reflect how they want to be addressed and avoid being molested.

Mrs Funmi Ajila-Ladipo, FADAN’s president made it known in Lagos on Tuesday that the manner of dressing by most Nigerian youths was alarming.


“It is nothing to write home about and calls for urgent change.


“They tend to emulate the Western culture at the detriment of the African culture and lifestyle, and this is discouraging.


“Our youths are copying wrongly different lifestyles and fashions from the internet.

“Residents of developed world dress to suit their weather and environments but most Nigerians do it the other way round,’’ she said.


According to her, fashion builds confidence in the individual but one must dress to command respect from the public.


“It is so amazing when some ladies complain that certain guys they like do not notice them.


“They have forgotten that their dressing patterns and lifestyles have given them away.


“Try to know whether your dressing attracts your kind of person; about 90 percent of people are going through one form of emotional rejection or another because of this,’’ she said.


Ajila-Ladipo advised youths to form the habit of dressing decently and intelligently for them to always earn public recognition.


She advised the Federal Government to revive the textile industry to boost the production of fabric materials in the country.

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