A clarion call for Buni’s continuity and efficient service delivery, by Haruna Yusuf Abuja

The emergence of Hon Maimala Buni as the All Progressives Congress, (APC) National Secretary in 2014 did not come as a surprise, considering his vast knowledge of political clandestine on secretary’s inner workings and service delivery mandate.

Most states, local government and the national structure are ever ready to reel out facts about his selfless and excellent services to the well-being of the party.


Buni before now, has served in the state level as the state party chairman for four consecutive times, and also as the special adviser on political and legislative affairs to the Yobe state government under the administration of His Excellency, Alhaji Ibrahim gaidam before becoming the APC national secretary in 2014, which he stood the test of time.


Buni is calling on every member of APC family to speedily come on board the moving train, the reloaded and steadfast National Secretary promised to ensure constant engagement with members to ensure that every one is carried along in the family-like atmosphere.


Considering the overwhelming Joy that came as a clarion call to serve again, as the national secretary’s new helms that hon, Maimala Buni has rejuvenated the confidence of APC family and is set to take the party to the next level of progressive height on his second term as the national secretary.


“Critics” are no more than some waspish doomsday prophets with a no less doomed spiritual speculations which has no basis in the truth, maintaining that Hon. Buni’s standing and rating in the peoples opinion poll is appreciable and appreciating, in their prejudiced minds, eyes, the national secretary, however, in the same swipe on the other side, led to heads to roll over Buni’s endorsement.


Buni’s laudable achievements came as a result of his unique and diplomatic style of leadership, he is always and very passionate about achieving his set goals vision and being the best always, he always take his duty seriously and puts the interest of the well-being of the party above every other interest, that’s the more reason President Buhari firstly endorsed him before the northeast governor and the APC governors as a whole.


Buni has done extremely remarkable since his emerging as the APC national secretary, another of his qualitative services among others, is the transparency and equity, he impacted positively to the building of the party, in an unimaginable ways.

He is selfless and unbiased, he carried everyone and every positive wish along.


Maimala Buni’s reputations precedes him in all ramification of tolerance, always at the point, he is gifted with wealth of cultivated experience and ability of steering the party Secretariat at full throttle.


Haruna Yusuf Abuja writes from Abuja.

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