Nigeria may be deficient in providing adequate and quality medical care to their various patients. But there are some hospitals that are outstanding in providing adequate and effective medical care to their patient, be it a life threatening problems or just a regular medical check up whatever the case might be.

Without any particular sequence or order, these hospitals are chosen based on their cost expensive, ambience, demographic, expertise, efficiency, skilled and finally qualified and specialized doctors etc.

• Gold cross hospital(GCH) Ikoyi

Suitated on the mainland and the island of the lagos state whatever the case might be. Gold cross hospital has been built to provide accommodation for various department to carry out their function without serving serving as an object of inconvenience to other department and such department includes family medicine, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and the host of others. Each department has its own private lounge for carrying out its own specialized functions.

The facilities are well polished and furnished both the single and shared wards. Other facilities include stress test ECG, 3 modern theatres with capacity for laparoscopic surgery, delivery suites with fetal monitors, well equipped and adequate emergency rooms with eficient monitors and defibrillator, well equipped laboratory and the host of others… You can visit this other for further verification and inspection. This is a highly recommended hospital based on information and integrity.

Address : (island and mainland)
17B, bordillon Road, Ikoyi, lagos, Nigeria.

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Hotline’s: 08082094409, 08102634743

Address: 7B Isaac john st, Ikeja GRA, lagos, Nigeria
Phone :+234 (1) 453769

• St. Nicholas Hospital

St. Nicholas Hospital was mainly registered as a private hospital in the year 1952,admitting and providing medical care to only obsterical, gynaecological and paediatric cases.

Currently, they provide primary, secondary and tertiary medical health service to the public.

St. Nicholas Hospital has been consistent, adequate, effective and trustworthy over the years through their various service they render and also through their recommendation from people. One can be assured of excellence and high level of sensitivity from the various hospital staff.

With effective and efficient medical equipment and efficeint health expertisee, they provide great and awesome medical care to their patients, they also offer broad range of services which includes the following:
•General medicine
•Ante-natal care and maybe post natal care
•Diagnostic services
•Basic medical checks

2 faramobi Ajike crescent, Anthony village, Maryland.
57 campbell street, Victoria island

• Reddington Hospital Reddington

Hospital is a highly specialized and comprehensive hospital which started basically with providing cardiac service, that’s what people basically know this particular hospital for, however they also provide service in general medicine, radiology, trauma care, nephrology and so on. For more information on the service they render you can visit the hospital for clarity and inspection.

12, Idowu martins street, lagos island, Lagos
13, Isaac john st, Ikeja GRA, lagos Nigeria
15c Admiralty way Lekki phase

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• Eko hospital

Eko hospital is a famous and a renowned hospital in lagos state. Eko hospital is a private hospital operating from mainly three locations in lagos. The main hospital is at Ikeja, with a well equipped beds for patients which are 132 beds in number. The branch at surulere has about 40 beds in total, they also operate ambulatory services in Ikoyi. This hospital was founded in the year 1982, Eko hospital offers a broad range of services for its immediate population, regional demographic as well as national health services. These are some of the units and services they provide to the public:
• Audiometry unit
• Medical laboratory
• Physiotherapy unit
• Radiotherapy
• Pathology
• Psychiatric testing
• CT scan computerized coaxial

Mobolaji bank Anthony way, Ikeja
3A akerele Road, surulere, Lagos Ikoyi, lagos.

• St. Ives

St. Ives is a multifunction hospital which started operation in the year 1996. They provide medical services for families, individual and organizations, starting from general medicine, paediatrics and gynecology as the name may be.

Their fertility unit is rated as one of the best if not the best in the Lagos state with a expertise in the treatment of IVF(a sub stage of reproduction win which fertilization occur external) failure which some hospital has difficult in performing this function.

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They are well developed in the modern medicine and have a team of well specialized health expertise. Regular medical checks up can also be done, and they provide detail medical reports. They also have an arrangement for home service or in-house treatment and consultancy.

12 salvation Road, opebi, Ikeja
6 maitama sule street, Ikoyi
2 osho/irewole street, opebi ikeja(medicare service)

• Lagoon hospital

Lagoon hospital has a competent and focused team of expertise or specialists with a many years of experience in their various individual fields of expertise.

They provide a comfortable 52 in-patient beds in their main branch in lagos state. Their dedication and eagerness in achieving their mission to help to bring back or restore the physiological well being of their patients make them one of the best and maybe the prominent hospital in lagos state.
Lagoon hospital provides services in the following speciality:
• Cardiology
• Paediatrics
• Orthopedic
• Gynecology
• Anesthesia
• Burns and plastic surgery
• Dermatology
• Gastroenterology
• General medicine
• Neurology
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Thoracic surgery
• Urology
Lagoon hospital has three main branches situated in different region of Lagos.


8 marine Road, a papa lagos, Lagos state off obafemi awolowo way, Ikeja
11A idejo street, Victoria island
There’s also lagoon secondary school just in case u are looking for a affordable and competence school to enroll your child in.

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