Adebayo Salami Bio| Age, Wife, Career and other facts

Oga Bello

Adebayo Salami well known as Oga Bello is a veteran Nigerian actor, filmmaker, movie producer and director, born on 9 May in the year 1953 in Lagos State, Nigerian. Adebayo Salami is father to Femi Adebayo don’t misunderstand me, Femi Adebayo is not the only son of the veteran actor, Adebayo Salami that i called Femi Adebayo father has seven children that can call him father.


Adebayo Salami was born on 9th Of May, 1953 in Lagos State where he had both primary and secondary education, he hails from Ilorin in kwara state.

He started his acting career in 1964 when he joined the a group called Young Concert Party, group control by Ojo Ladipo known as Baba Mero. The group later changed its name in respect of it’s leader name to Ojo Ladipo Theatre Group and late called Awada Kerikeri Theatre Group. After the demise of their leader Adebayo Salami was later selected to be the leader of the group, which brought him to spotlight.

He had featured in so many movies but his first Yoruba film is titled Ajani Ogun along side with the late Adeyemi Afolayan the father of Kunle Afolayan and Gabriel Afolayan, plays the lead role in the movie.

Other Facts

Adebayo Salami Date of birth: 9, May 1953

Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Stage name: Oga Bello

Profession: Actor, filmmaker and film director

Related Questions

Who is Adebayo Salami?

Is an actor, film-maker, producer, director and also father to that talented actor called Femi Adebayo.

How old is Adebayo Salami?

Since he was born on 9 May 1953, his age will be 67 years old on the 9th of may in 2020 while he will be 70 year on the 9th of may in 2023.

Adebayo Salami Age will be 67 year old on 9 May 2020.

When did he started is career?

He started is career back then in 1964 with a group called Young Concert Party, under the leadership of Ojo Ladipo, popularly known as Baba Mero then.

When did he produced is first movie and movie titled?

His first movie was titled Ogun Ajaye, in 1985. While the first movie he was featured was titled Ajani Ogun.

Where did Adebayo Salami hails from ?

Adebayo Salami hails from Ilorin in Kwara State, Nigerian.

Who is Adebayo Salami wife?

The name of Adebayo Salami wife is Omotayo Sanusi. The couple got married in 2016.

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