10+ Richest Celebrities In The World And Update Of Their Net Worth

Are you curious about how the world’s richest celebrities are doing? You’re not alone. There are many people who would love to be in their shoes, with all of the money that they have and all of the fame that comes along with it! Well, we’ve got some good news for you–this article is going to list 10+ of the richest celebrities in the world! From Kylie Jenner, Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West and Tom Cruise (just to name a few) this article will give you an inside look at what life is like when your net worth surpasses billions of dollars.

Sometimes it seems like celebrities have all the luck. They get to live their lives in front of cameras, and are paid millions for it! The idea that they also get to enjoy a lavish lifestyle doesn’t seem so far-fetched. But how do they really stack up against each other? In this article, we will take a look at 10+ richest celebrities out there world wide and see who is on top!

10+ Richest celebrities

18.ShahRukh Khan

17.Tom Cruise

16.LeBron James

15.Howard Stern

14.Kylie Jenner

13.Celine Dion

12.Tyler Perry

11.P Diddy

10.Jerry Seinfeld

9. J.K. Rowling

8: David Copperfield

7.Paul McCartney


5.Jami Gertz

4.Oprah Winfrey

3.Kanye West

2.Steven Spielberg

1.George Lucas

Richest celebrities And Their Net Worth

When you think of the word “rich,” what comes to mind? Fast cars, mansions, and a life without worry. If so, then you’re not alone! A new Forbes list was released with the 10 richest celebrities in the world. The list is ranked by their total net worth- which ranges from $1 billion to $160 million. This article will give you an inside look into how these celebs made their money and what they do with it now that they are rich!

Nowadays people have different definitions for success; some would say that being wealthy is one of them. In recent years there has been an influx of famous people who have come out on top in terms of their wealth status- earning themselves a spot on.

The following article will be discussing the top 10 richest celebrities in the world. These people have made their fortunes through music, acting, sports and more. They are all living a glamorous life with fame and fortune.

We must not forget that they also use their wealth to make this world a better place for us all! We hope you enjoy reading about these amazing people’s stories of how they became so wealthy!

18.ShahRukh Khan

SnahRukh Khan, also known as the initials SRK, is an Indian actor, film producer and television personality. Referred to in the media as “Baadshah of Bollywood” or King Khan’, he has appeared in more than 80 Hindi films and earned numerous accolades including 14 Filmfare awards.

Khan’s early career was full of villainous roles, but he quickly developed a reputation as one of Bollywood’s best actors. Khan made his debut with Deewana in 1992 and continued to work consistently for the next 20 years before taking time off from acting due to health issues. He had an incredible run during which he starred in well-known films like Baazigar (1993), Darr (1993) Anjaam 1993).

Khan began his career when television series were all the rage back in 1989. His first movie appearance came 2 years later – playing Ashley Judd’s love interest on Northern Exposure! In 1994, Khan played varied characters including villains such as Jamal Malik who kidnaps Aishwarya Rai Bach.

There are very few Bollywood actors who have received 14 Filmfare Awards, the most prestigious awards in India’s film industry. Seen as a sign of their success and popularity with Indian audiences, there’s no denying that Khan is one of them! He has won an astonishing 8 Best Actor prizes from 30 nominations which ties him for first place alongside Dilip Kumar- both legends within this field.

Shah Rukh Khan’s puteshestvie  v Indiyu is an upcoming movie. SRK has some awards and nominations for his career in films, as well as a record of public service through his humanitarian work. He was honored with the Padma Shri in 2003; India’s fourth-highest civilian awards. Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth is estimated to $600 million. Shahrukh Khan has been ranked among top ten plus in the world’s richest celebrities.

Shah Rukh Khan’s philanthropy, which includes his involvement with the T.J.’s charity and support for schools in Indi His humanitarian work has also included fundraising for relief operations after natural disasters such as the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, Hurricane Katrina ənd thе 2010 Haiti earthquake. He is a member of President.

ShahRukh Khan Net Worth Is $600 million

17.Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is an American actor and producer who has received various accolades for his work including three Golden Globe Awards and three nominations for Academy Awards.

Tom Cruise has been in the movie industry since he was a child. He started out as an actor and producer, but now he is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors with box office success to show for it.

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was born in Syracuse, New York. He is a famous actor and producer that has starred in many popular films including Top Gun (1986), Mission Impossible series (1996-2015) as well as other blockbuster hits like Jerry Maguire(1996).

In addition to his film career he also runs an investment company called Prana Films where they invest heavily into new productions of movies and televisions shows with promising scripts. His spouse’s are Mimi Rogers who divorced after years from marriage; Nicole Kidman whom he married 1990 but filed for divorce 2001 citing irreconcilable differences which left them both free to marry again if wanted; Katie Holmes whom Thomas met on the set of their first movie together ” which they later divorce, his bless with three children.

After a long career of acting in films, as well as producing and directing them for the silver screen, Tom Cruise has become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces. His three Academy Award nominations attest to his talent and he became an international superstar at age 25 with “Risky Business.” He is considered among the world’s elite actors and continues to dazzle audiences worldwide while maintaining a levelheaded presence both onscreen and off.

Among the many accolades in his career, Tom Cruise has received three Golden Globe Awards and 3 Academy Award nominations. He is one of the highest paid actors around today with a estimated net worth of $600 million dollars. His films have grossed more than 20 billion worldwide (more than 10 billion just here at home).

Tom Cruise Net Worth Is $600 million

16.LeBron James

LeBron Raymone James Sr. is a 36-year old American basketball player for the Lakers of National Basketball Association (NBA). Widely considered one of the greatest NBA players in history, LeBron has been compared to Michael Jordan since debates started over who will be recognized as being among the best ever.

Born on December 30th 1984 in Akron Ohio and height at 2 meters or 6 foot 6 inches tall, this power athlete was able to shoot from beyond three point line with ease which made him stand out amongst other professional athletes such that he signed up for Cleveland Cavaliers where his salary reached $39 million dollars per year by 2021! He had two sons Bronny James born 2006 and Bryce Maximus Junior born 2012 respectively

He was born in Akron, Ohio at the Trinity Medical Center. His parents are Gloria James and Anthony McClelland Jr., who has four other children from previous relationships.

LeBron’s father abandoned his family when he was a child to pursue an independent life as a professional baseball player; this left him with wanting for nothing financially but missing some emotional support that only a dad can provide.

He spent most of his childhood raised by male babysitters or relatives while not living full-time with mom until age 14 after which she did her best on one income to raise three kids all under the same roof together (Gloria). At 18 years old, he graduated high school early and then attended St Vincent – Saint Mary High School before transferring back.

James is a professional basketball player. He went to St. Vincent-St Mary High School in Akron, Ohio where he was heavily touted as the future NBA superstar by national media outlets and drafted first overall by Cleveland Cavaliers during 2003 draft due to his talent for playing on court at an early age of 18 years old (prepping from high school). James achieved this level of fame with two consecutive awards: One being Rookie Of The Year Award while other one being LeBron’s MVP trophy which resulted after winning 2010–2011 season finale game against Dallas Mavericks; both are deservedly awarded because they were won consecutively without any loss or tie games among them . His departure from Cavs came when Nike announced it would not be extending its contract with him further beyond.

James played for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron where he was heavily touted by the national media as a future NBA superstar and then drafted first overall into the league by Cleveland Cavaliers with The Decision ESPN special following suit shortly after announcing his move to Miami Heat afterwards.

James played basketball for St. Vincent–St.-Mary High School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio; it is here that he became one of America’s most famous athletes ever since becoming an instant sensation while still at prep school before heading off to college hoops powerhouse Duke University where legends like Christian Laettner could not contain this phenom who soon declared himself eligible for the draft but got picked up straightaway from high school (and later taken on international.

LeBron James has a net worth of $600 million. He is one of the most successful NBA players ever and his career earnings are set to surpass that figure soon, with an Forbes estimate putting him at over 2 billion dollars by the end of 2020 if he plays for five more years in Cleveland (James has been known not only as basketball player but also businessman).

LeBron James Net Worth Is $600 million

15.Howard Stern

Howard Stern is a famous American radio and television personality, comedian, and author. He’s best known for his own national show called The Howard Stern Show that aired on both terrestrial TV as well as satellite until 2005 when he moved to Sirius XM Satellite Radio where the broadcasting continues up today!

Howard Stern was born on 12 January 1954 in Jackson Heights, New York. Unlike many celebrities today who enjoy the luxuries of fame and fortune from a young age, Howard Stern started his career at 18 years old as a radio and television personality before becoming one of America’s most famous comedian!

Howard Stern grew up without any money or connections; he had to work hard to get where he is now – but it paid off and everyone knows him by name.

Howard Allan Stern first became popular in 1986 with the syndication of his nationally broadcasted program “The Howard Stern Show.” This successful group has been entertaining listeners since then through comedy sketches all while delivering some serious talk about relationships concerning sex which had never before been heard by such an audience.

Howard Stern has been the king of radio for decades, and that’s not going to change any time soon. He hosts The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Radio which is one of America’s most successful programs with more than 2 million listeners a day.

Howard Stern is a legendary radio personality, best known for his show “The Howard Stern Show,” which has gained him notoriety. He was born on December 12th of 1954 in New York City and grew up to become an actor, author and human rights activist

His second book release Private Parts became the fastest-selling nonfiction hardcover title ever published at that time; it would later be adapted into a film by Universal Pictures with help from Paramount Television where he had helped bring many stars such as Marisa Tomei who won her first Oscar nomination playing Mary Katherine Gallagher (a character based off of himself) starring alongside Johnny Depp’s Edward Scissorhands role while also voicing George Costanza on Seinfeld.

Howard Allan “Howie” Stern first came onto our radar when he became nationally syndicated in 1986 — but it didn’t take long before his show was being broadcast across the U.S., reaching over 20 million unique listeners per week! His ratings only continued to soar as people tuned-in every morning from 6am until 10pm EST just waiting to hear what hilarious thing would come out next from their favorite shock jock extraordinaire who happens also be an author.

Howard Allan Stern is an American icon, whose net worth of $650 million has been amassed through his many years in the radio and television industry. He started out as a DJ on Boston’s WBCN before moving to New York City for work at NBC Radio (1982-1985).

It was there that he established himself as both comedic talent with interviews from some of Hollywoods biggest celebrities alike; but also sharp interviewer during periods when major news events took place. In 1986 Howard moved back to NYC because Westinghouse Broadcasting Company offered him a contract which led into syndicating “The Howard Stern Show.”

Howard developed other aspects outside media including writing best selling books about life experiences like “Private Parts” or more recent autobiographical novels.

Howard Stern Net Worth Is $650 million

14.Kylie Jenner

Kylie Kristen Jenner has been on television for most of her life. She is widely known as an American media figure, socialite, model and businesswoman who not only starred in the E! reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians but also founded Kylie Cosmetics which launched a huge cosmetics company all while being just 20 years old.

Kylie Jenner is an American reality television personality, socialite, actress and model. She has a net worth of $700 million dollars which makes her the youngest self-made billionaire on earth! Kylie was born in Los Angeles California to Kris Jennier and Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce).

She grew up with four other siblings: Kendall Shannon Kardashian West , Kim KaradashianWest Khloé Alexandra Kardashian Kourtney Mary KardashainJenner . When she was just 10 years old, Kylies mom took control over familys business venture while still working full time at their clothing boutique called Dash. At age 12 she created Tween magazine for kids ages 8–12 that set record sales when it sold 150 thousand.

She has been named one of the most influential teens by Time magazine for both 2013 & 2014 as well as being included on Forbes list titled “Celebrity 100” which ranks who’s the highest paid among celebrities from June 2016 – May 2017 earning over $17M USD during this period alone!

Kylie currently stars on season 10 (2018) of E!’s reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians alongside sisters Kendall, Kim, Khloe Kardashian plus Kourtney Kardashian herself their mother Kris Jenners other.

Kylie Jenner Net Worth Is $700 million

13.Celine Dion

Céline Marie Claudette Dion, CC OQ is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She became famous for her powerful vocals when she was just 12 years old with the release of “Ce N’était Qu’un Rêve.” Her songs are known globally as well; in 2012 alone, it’s estimated that more than 2 billion people heard one or more Celine Dion songs over 100 million times on TV and radio stations worldwide.

Born in Charlemagne on March 30th 1968 at 12:15 pm EST/EDT Celine was raised by her mother Thérèse Dicaire and Acadian stepfather Adhémar Dionne before being baptized Catholic aftyer 5 years old. At 16 when both parents were killed in car crash that left her as sole care.

Céline Dion is a French Canadian singer and songwriter who’s sold over 220 million records worldwide. She has won five Grammy Awards, seven World Music Awards, 22 Juno Awards (plus an additional 24 nominations), two Academy of Country Music awards with 18 Billboard music award wins including the most recent 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting to date; she also holds over 38 Guinness world records!

Dion was awarded a “Doctorate in Music” degree by Berklee College of Music for her various achievements and enduring contributions to the world’s cultural fabric. This is Dion’s second Doctorate in music; she had previously been honored with an honorary doctorates from Yale University back in 2020, when they named their new performing arts center after her.

Céline Marie is French-Canadian and she was born on March 30, 1968. She has a net worth of $800 million which makes her one of the wealthiest people in Canada.

Celine Dion Net Worth Is $800 million

12.Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry was born on September 13th, 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is an American actor and director who has starred primarily as a playwright for the many plays he created including Madea which remains popular across America.

In 2011 Forbes listed him at number one under their highest-paid man list with earnings of $130 million between May 2010 – May 2011; this does not include his other ventures such as television series that have made Tyler Perry famous to those outside of just theatre audiences nor his production company or screenwriting work (both credited).

Recently some controversy came up about whether these productions are actually written by Mr.Perry himself but it seems from interviews given that he can’t take credit for all material produced while having had help.

After directing his first movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which went on to gross US$50.6 million domestically while scoring 16% at the film review web site Rotten Tomatoes; Perry raised $5.5 Million for his next film Madea’s Family Reunion (which opened at number one and made $65m).

Perry raises a US$5.5M budget in part from the ticket sales of his stage productions to fund his first movie “Diary” – it goes on to score an approval rating of 16%. His directorial debut was with Madea’s family reunion – opening weekend numbers were up 30 mill ($30 million) and eventually making 65mil total.

In 2020, Perry was included in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020. The following year, he received the Governors Award from the Primetime Emmy Awards and then went on to receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award from Academy Awards as well for his philanthropic efforts with cancer research.

Known for his contributions to the arts, business and philanthropy in America’s most diverse city. Perry has been lauded by both industry insiders and viewers alike. That being said, he is not without controversy-as a recent post on Perry’s Instagram account drew ire from advocates of net neutrality protections.

Tyler Perry, the man who has been called “America’s most successful black filmmaker,” is worth $800 million and counting. With a resume that includes six movies within one year alone (2009), Tyler Perry continues to be unstoppable in his artistry and entrepreneurship skills.
A full-time actor, director, writer/producer of stage plays as well as films; he also opened a chain of theaters with more than 40 locations nationwide which shows only features from his company TPC Productions. He currently lives on an estate just outside Atlanta where he can enjoy all types sports including golfing at The Ritz Carlton Golf Club for America’s Grand Slam or fishing at Lake Lanier while still having time for family vacations abroad.

Tyler Perry Net Worth: $800 million

11.P Diddy

Sean Combs, also known by a variety of stage names including Puff Daddy and Diddy is an American rapper with many accomplishments. Originally born in Harlem, New York he has the birth name Sean John-Remy Beresford Love Jr., but often uses his mother’s maiden name as well: Sean Rene Love.

He was raised mostly on Long Island from ages 3 to 8 before moving back upstate where they remained until 1994 when after seeing one too many drive-by shootings that were happening around their home he decided it would be best if she moved them down south for good so her children could grow up without fear or worry about being harmed while playing outside like most other kids do every day.

Sean Combs, also known by the stage names P Daddy. He currently lives with his wife and their five children in New York City. In 2002 he founded Bad Boy Records which has produced more than 50 albums for artists like Mase, Faith Evans, 112; The Lox; Total/Chronic 2001: A Space Odyssey (instrumental); What’s It All About?
In 2014 it was reported that Sean had signed a $60 million contract to co-produce Empire on Fox Broadcasting Company with Iyanla Vanzant serving as its spiritual adviser.

He first became interested with the music industry when he interned at New York’s Uptown Records while still attending college. As a talent director for Uptown, Sean helped develop Jodeci and Mary J Blige but during his time there also found some free time to throw parties that attracted up to one thousand participants each! One of these parties even took place where nine people died due to overcrowding–the City College of NY (CCNY) gymnasium after an AIDS fundraiser evening following a charity basketball game had been oversold.

Combs has had a wildly successful career as an artist and producer. His debut album, No Way Out in 1997, was certified 7x Platinum by the RIAA after selling over seven million copies in just two months! The success of this release led to Combs’ creation of his own record label, Bad Boy Records where he released Forever in 1999 followed quickly by The Saga Continues…(2001).

He currently is working on another solo project titled Press Play set for release later this year which will be executive produced with Timbaland. Forbes estimates that Puff Daddy’s net worth at $900 Million dollars – most likely due to the abundance of sales from his 12 studio albums or maybe even because you can purchase one hundred thousand dollar pairs

P Daddy Net Worth Is $900 million.

10. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerome Allen Seinfeld is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer. He created unique comedy material that was nothing but himself in his sitcom “Seinfeld.” From the show’s first episode to its last one with a whopping 180 episodes; he took audiences around New York City on adventures through life pulling out amazing insights into everyday happenings as well jokes about pop culture subjects including their favorite celebrities and sports teams.

It seems like everything has some kind of connection back to him! Born April 29th 1954 in Brooklyn NY  Jerome grew up surrounded by family members who had deep ties within different industries such as radio programs where both grandparents were announcers for Metropolitan Opera broadcasts or even playing piano concerts at Carnegie Hall – so it would

Since the age of 16, Jerome Allen Seinfeld has been making people laugh with his unique brand of humor. Known for playing a semi-fictionalized version of himself in the sitcom “Seinfeld”, which he created and wrote with Larry David, it was no surprise that “The King Of Comedy” would find fame. Now 67 years old (and still funny), I think we can say Jerry is living proof to never give up on your dreams!

Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian, actor and writer who has also tried his hand at producing. Early in 2007 he made the blockbuster Bee Movie which was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film by Golden Globes Awards but lost to Disney’s Ratatouille.

He then went on to produce two seasons of The Marriage Ref show with NBC before taking it online where Jerry hosts Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee web series that features him chatting about life over coffee with other comedians like Ricky Gervais or Tina Fey while cruising around New York City neighborhoods such as Harlem and Greenwich Village in vintage cars from different periods ranging from classic Rolls Royces up through muscle-cars.

Jerry Seinfeld has not only been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards, but he’s also received four Grammy Award nominations. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful comedians in show business and continues to be a pop culture icon two decades after his last episode aired on television.

Jerry recently appeared at Oracle Arena for an event called “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Live” where audience members were able to watch him chat with other famous actors like Alec Baldwin or Steve Harvey over coffee while they drove around in fancy cars such as Cadillacs, Mercedes-Benzs, Bentleys and Rolls Royces — it was great!

Jerry Seinfeld may just seem like another celebrity out there making money off comedy shows that are seen by.

Jerry Seinfeld has become a household name around the world, but many people may not know how much money he’s worth. Jerry is estimated to be worth over $950 million and his star-studded comedy show Seinfeld was one of the most popular shows on TV in 1990s with an average rating of 26%/36%.

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth Is $950 million

9. J.K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling, a well-known author from the United Kingdom and creator of Harry Potter fame has written over seven books in total; however, her first book was not released until she had finished university with qualifications as both French teacher and researcher for languages including Latin American Studies at University College London (UCL).

From 1993 to 1995 Joanne studied Portuguese language teaching on Harvard’s Kennedy School Programme which is where she met Neil Murray who later helped translate her fourth novel “Harry Potter à l’école des sorciers” into English when it came out next year after an arduous process that involved translating every word individually before digitalizing them all so they could be scanned back together again – but this wasn’t without its own.

J.K Rowling is the author of one of the most successful book series in history, Harry Potter. After writing seven books and having published two before publishing them herself at age 34, J K Rowling became an international sensation overnight after she was selected to write for a new project by publisher Barry Cunningham who knew her name from “The Cuckoo’s Calling”.

Her first novel under this pen-name would go on to be known as arguably one of the best children novels ever written with worldwide sales now exceeding 500 million copies making it number three in all time across literature including nonfiction (just behind Agatha Christie). She has received many awards including being appointed Officer Order Of The British Empire which are bestowed upon people living or working outside Great Britain whose services.

Rowling has had a long and eventful life, one that readers can feel in every word of her books. She grew up living on benefits with very little to eat before being able to become the first billionaire author by Forbes magazine thanks to Harry Potter’s success. However, Rowling disputed these claims as she did not want people thinking it was just because of an inheritance from her parents- their money left them when they died tragically young (Rowling herself is now divorced and childless). When asked about how much she donated throughout the years for charities like Comic Relief UK or Lumos Foundation which help disadvantaged children around the world who have been forced into labor trafficking or other slavery practices, JK Rowling said “I’ve given away more than I inherited.” And

J.K. Rowling is living proof that anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work, determination, and a little luck to help them out! She has gone from being homeless and unemployed after her mother’s death in 1990s England to becoming the world’s first billionaire author by Forbes magazine in 2007. In 2010 she was named on Sunday Times Rich List as Britain’s wealthiest woman worth £560 million but now only four years later it seems like JKR (her initials) will be knocked off this list again because of how much money she donates to charity every year- estimating at least $1 Billion. What an inspiring story?

J.K. Rowling Net Worth Is $1 billion

8: David Copperfield

The story of David Copperfield is one that spans time, love, and fortune. From the days of his youth to when he becomes a successful writer in adulthood we follow him through life’s adventures with friends old and new as they come into contact with each other from near or afar. Charles Dickens has created an intricate web spanning decades for us all to enjoy!

The David Copperfield’s life from childhood to maturity, with his own adventures and the web of friends and enemies he meets along his way. The immersive tale follows protagonist Charles Dickens’ development from a young child in a country parish to an engaged man about town as well as any number of other identities that challenge social order or individual conscience. Imagine: “a little boy sitting on one side of you reading – not at all like it really is.”

In the novel David Copperfield, we are led through a series of events that follow protagonist David’s life as he goes from being an orphan to one of England’s most successful businessmen. The story begins with his arrival in London at age nine and documents all the hardships encountered by this young boy up until adulthood.

The reader is introduced to Dora who will become important later in the book when she ends up marrying Mr. Micawber but never given enough time before her death where they can finally consummate their marriage due to her passing away shortly after giving birth also called “premature labor.”  This passage shows how much work Dickens put into structuring each part aptly so there was not too many or far-fetched details.

Dickens had a lot of creative freedom when writing his latest novel, unlike with Dombey and Son. Some aspects were fixed in Dickens’s mind from the start for Great Expectations–such as Pip’s change that occurs throughout the story—but others weren’t decided until after he began publishing it serially. The theme of growth is prominent within this work by Charles Dickens; however, he also satirizes many Victorian-era customs such as women being treated unfairly upon marriage and children working long hours at factories while schools are subpar quality.

Even though he was born in a lowly home, David Copperfield’s genius and hard work made him one of the richest people on earth.

Even as a child, poor-born David knew that if he worked for it, his life would be great–and you could say that’s exactly what happened! Today at $1 billion net worth (according to Forbes), Dave is living proof that dreams really do come true.

David Copperfield Net Worth Is $1 billion

7: Paul McCartney

Sir James Paul McCartney is a British singer, songwriter, musician and producer who gained worldwide fame as the lead vocalist for The Beatles. His partnership with John Lennon remained one of most successful in history. Born on June 18th 1942 to Albert (father) and Mary (mother), he grew up living at 20 Forthlin Road where his love affair with music began after receiving his first guitar from Auntie Gin.

He became an avid fan of Buddy Holly’s Crickets which led him into forming bands like The Quarrymen later renamed by Brian Epstein -The Silver Beetles- then finally becoming known as the Beatles; their success was meteoric: “With this group it should be OK,” said George Martin, head produce.

His songwriting partnership was so successful that he’s generally regarded as one of the finest composers of all time.

He is responsible for writing classics like “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be.” In total there are more than 800 million records sold worldwide by Macca which makes him only second behind Elton John who has over 300 million sales under his belt already!

Paul McCartney is a self-taught musician, proficient in bass guitar and drums. He’s known for his melodic approach to playing the instrument with plectrums on songs like “And I Love Her” and “Eleanor Rigby.” A versatile singer that has been know to sing over four octaves spanning from rock ‘n roll pop tunes such as “Drive My Car” all the way into classical music where he covered John Lennon’s song “In My Life,” which became one of his most popular recordings alongside tracks by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra or Smokey Robinson.

Starting with 1967 album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band up until today Paul has remained an essential part of The Beatles legacy.

Paul McCartney, born James Paul McCartney in Liverpool on June 18th 1942 is a musician and composer. His net worth has been estimated to be $1.2 billion as of 2013 with the vast majority coming from his time spent touring during the Beatles era when he was earning about £300,000 per year ($3 million).

In 1960 at just 17 years old he co-founded The Beatles alongside John Lennon, George Harrison and Pete Best who went on to serve as their drummer for many months until Ringo Starr joined them later that same year after being recruited by Brian Epstein – then manager of both The Beatles ̶and Eddie Cochran’s ill-fated tour; also known for managing other artists like Cilla Black among others before founding.

Paul McCartney Net Worth Is $1.2 billion

6: Jay-Z

Shawn Corey Carter, known professionally as Jay-Z is an American rapper and entrepreneur who has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.

Born in Brooklyn on December 4th 1969 the iconic hip hop artist was born Shawn ‘JAY Z’ Carter which originally stood for his nickname Jazzy before he started using it to make a name for himself. With this new moniker came success when Hov’s debut album “Reasonable Doubt” reached number 23 on Billboard 200 charts while also winning him three Grammy Awards including Best Rap Album of 1996.

Jay-Z is one of New York City’s most famous exports. He was born and raised in the city, which he later left to pursue his own musical ambitions – becoming a founding member of Roc-A-Fella Records at age 23 with friend Damon Dash (they had been friends since childhood). After working on Jay Z’s debut album together for 3 years before its release in 1996, they grew disappointed when it only sold 400 copies. But then Reasonable Doubt blew up all over again after being reissued 12 months afterwards by new record company Priority Recordings as an independent label creation without Def Jam or Columbia involvement; suddenly sales spiked from 400 to 80 thousand units!

Hitting heights with each release since then (including numerous chart topping singles) by 2001. He has written lyrics for many popular songs such as “Big Pimpin'” by Jay Z feat. UGK; sold over 50 million albums worldwide to date with 75 million singles sold globally; won a total of 23 Grammy Awards the most granted to any artist in history so far; achieved 14 number 1 albums on Billboard 200 which makes him outsell every other solo act ever put together since its creation up until now (behind The Beatles); ranked one of 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time according to both Rolling Stone and Billboard Magazines respectively

Jay had cemented himself into mainstream culture becoming one of America’s richest rappers ever reaching 1 billion dollars.

Jay-Z Net Worth Is $1.3 billion

5: Jami Gertz

Jami Beth Gertz is an American actress and investor who has starred in many iconic films like Crossroads, The Lost Boys, Less Than Zero, and Quicksilver. She also played a starring role on the 1980s TV series Square Pegs from 1979-1981 as well as 1996’s film Now & Then.

Born 28 October 1965 in Chicago Illinois she stands at only 1.65 meters tall but what she lacks for vertically (or horizontally) she makes up with her signature charm that left generations of viewers mesmerized by her performances both big or small screen!

Gertz was born to parents Harold Melvin Gertsch Sr., an aerospace engineer; Dorothy Elaine Rauckhardt  “Dottie” Smith), a homemaker.

Gertz was discovered from a talent search by Norman Lear and studied drama at NYU, where she also made guest appearances on Diff’rent Strokes.

Gertz’s first film role is in Endless Love followed by Square Pegs before gaining more attention with her lead roles as Blair’s friend Boots St. Clair on The Facts of Life and the doomed drug addict Kit Franklyn’s girlfriend Janey Windsor in Less Than Zero alongside Robert Downey Jr., who played protagonist Clay Easton.

As both an experienced child actor and starlet, Gertz has been able to appear across film since 1981; yet it wasn’t until 1987 that audiences witnessed her truly breakout performance against co-starring actors like Robert Downey and other.

It was only a matter of time before Gertz, an actor who has starred in many successful television series throughout her career and is known for portraying characters with aspirations to achieve more than they are currently living, became the star of The Neighbors.

In 2012-2014 she played mother on ABC’s sitcom “The Neighbors” where humans move into planet populated by residents from another world.

Jami Gertz is the best-known for her roles in “The Lost Boys” and as Cher’s daughter Cloe on television show “Moonlighting,” but she also had an impressive career with a net worth of $3 billion.

Jami Gertz has been acting since childhood, which began when she was just three years old appearing alongside Diana Ross in The Wiz movie.

She went on to star opposite Kiefer Sutherland in Fox TV series 24 before taking up various other film parts such as Carmen Cortez from Spy Kids 3: Game Over or Francis’ girlfriend Julie Ann Morrisey from John Tucker Must Die.

In contrast to this string of successes, however Jami struggled through some rough patches later life too – including

Jami Gertz Net Worth Is $3 billions

4: Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Gail Winfrey is a philanthropist, producer, talk show host and actress. She was born in 1954 to an unwed teenage mother who later died from complications of her pregnancy with Oprah.

She then lived on the north side of Milwaukee for about two years when she was four before moving back to live with her maternal grandmother near Terre Haute Illinois at age six where they both would remain until 1963 while living there; he father remained mostly absent through that period as well, in 1962 his parents finally got divorced after being separated several times since 1956 and one day soon thereafter Elijah left home permanently too leaving Opraha once again living only with her grandma (who had remarried) by 1964 but not even three months.

She has amassed a net worth of $3.5 billion through her various media endeavors including the Oprah Winfrey Show which aired from 1986-2011 as well as being one of the most successful authors during that time with three bestsellers: What I Know For Sure (2007), The Wisdom Of Sundays; Life’s Great Lessons From Preacher To Prophet (2015) and One more thing… It’s Your World!

She also starred in several films like Beloved for instance where she plays Sethe who escapes slavery to Ohio after having killed her daughter so that slave catchers cannot take them back.

Oprah Winfrey Net Worth Is $3.5 billion

3: Kanye West

Kanye Omari West is a self-proclaimed rapper, singer, record producer and fashion designer. He has been influential in the development of mainstream hip hop music since his debut album The College Dropout was released on February 10th 2004 to international critical acclaim. With over 41 million records sold worldwide as well being ranked by Forbes magazine as one of America’s wealthiest men with assets worth $1 billion USD in 2021.

Kanye West released The College Dropout back in 2004, which was a huge success. He paved his way into the rap scene with this album and it has been hailed as one of the best albums ever made by critics. His next few studio albums were also very successful because he experimented with different genres like minimalism on Late Registration or maximalism for Graduation – both received critical acclaim from fans around the world! In 2010, Kanye’s fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy won him Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album and Best Recording Package even though some people criticized its extensive use of auto-tune among other things  One reviewer said: “West can go too far when trying to make an impact – not only does he want you to think about.

Kanye has proven himself time after time that he is not only an American success story but also a global icon for today’s generation where individuality reigns supreme and uniqueness trumps conventionality. Raised middle class alongside two sisters in Atlanta Georgia suburb from age three onwards before moving into Chicago at thirteen years old Kanye.

Kanye West is one of the most successful and talented artists in music history. He has won more than 20 Grammy Awards, making him one of the best-selling musicians ever with over 140 million singles sold worldwide. Six albums he’s released have been mentioned as some of Rolling Stone Magazine 2020 Top 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made list while Kanye was named by them to be among 100 Greatest Songwriters EVER too!

His net worth of 6.6 billion USD (2021) makes him one of the most successful musicians alive with his trendsetting music and mainstream appeal that bring together rap/hip hop culture as well as popular fashion trends worldwide with many appearances on television to boot including American Idol Season 11 where he judged alongside Katy Perry when she was not performing herself or at least not all four weeks while her album Prism remained atop Billboard 200 for five consecutive weeks after its release date; followed by guest judging stints during both seasons 12 & 13 respectively which have obtained mixed reception from critics but much more positive feedback than those prior thanks largely.

Kanye West Net Worth Is $6.6 billion

2: Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is an American film director whose work has had a huge impact on the industry, and he continues to do so with his upcoming movie West Side Story. He rose to prominence in New Hollywood era of filmmaking and became one of the most commercially successful directors in history by balancing both crowd-pleasing blockbuster films such as Jaws (1975) or ET The Extra Terrestrial (1982), while also creating more intimate moods through movies like Schindler’s List(1993).

Born 18 December 1946, Steven spent his childhood years growing up around Universal Studios where many future filmmakers got their start too; this gave him early access into figuring out what kind of career would best suit him when it came time for college. One thing that helped guide.

He was born in Phoenix, Arizona and later moved to California where he studied film. After directing a few episodes of television and several minor films for Universal Studios, Steven Spielberg became well-known after directing the 1975 summer blockbuster Jaws.

He then directed box office hits Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), and many other adventure movies starring Indiana Jones! In 1985 he explored drama with his movie Purple Color which followed an African American woman’s struggle through life while 1987’s Empire Of The Sun talked about living on during World War II as Japanese occupation looms over Shanghai China.

He co-founded Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks, and has served as a producer for many television series and films. Spielberg is also known for his long time collaboration with composer John Williams, with whom he has worked for all but five of his feature films. Several of Spielberg’s works are among the highest-grossing films of all time and have received acclaim; 11 of his films have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, and seven have been inducted into the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

Steven Spielberg, the prolific director of many popular films and TV shows such as Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List and Close Encounters of a Third Kind is worth $7.5 billion dollars in 2018 according to Forbes Magazine

Steven Spielberg has an estimated net worth value at $7.5 billion USD from his work with movies like “Jurassic Park”, “Schindlers list” etc., which he achieved by consistently working hard on productions for over 50 years now . In this time span Steven was able to establish himself as one of Hollywood’s most brilliant directors known world wide.

Steven Spielberg Net Worth Is $7.5 billion

1: George Lucas

George Walton Lucas Jr. is an American film director, producer, screenwriter and entrepreneur who has been making films for nearly fifty years. His work includes the Star Wars franchise – which made him a millionaire when he was just 23 years old in 1977 after it had grossed over $775 million worldwide! He also directed Indiana Jones of that same year; both franchises have become cultural icons around the world ever since their release dates (and especially during December!).

Lucas founded Industrial Light & Magic at age 22 to promote his filmmaking career with fellow filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola by providing special effects services on close friend Steven Spielberg’s 1971 production “Fantasia” as well as other Hollywood studios’ productions like The Godfather Part II and Close Encounters.

George Lucas, the director behind iconic films such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones has had an illustrious career. After graduating from USC in 1967 he co-founded American Zoetrope with filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola where they produced some of Hollywood’s most celebrated movies since 1971. One gem among these is his first success THX 1138 (1971) which was a critical hit but not so much financially that it put him on top for long before he could make another movie American Graffiti (1973).

This film about young love set against monumental changes during one summer night quickly became critically acclaimed earning five Academy Award nominations at its time including Best Picture making George Lucas who directed this too into arguably Hollywood’s best all around director to date!

George Lucas, creator of the beloved Star Wars saga, was awarded with AFI’s Life Achievement Award on June 9th 2005. This is just shortly after releasing Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith and he quipped that since it now completes his original vision for all six movies together as one work then technically this award should have been given to him a long time ago!

The American Film Institute had an illustrious night on June 9th awarding George Lucas its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. He joked about how there were no more episodes left in the series so finally getting this award made sense seeing as though they’ve always treated each movie equally like parts of a whole film anyway.

He was nominated four times, but never received an Academy Award in either category because he won awards like The Irving G. Thalberg award which is given every year to a film director who has “made significant contributions of outstanding artistic significance”.

In 2007 at the 79th Academy Awards ceremony Lucas presented Best Director with Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola while they were making fun of him for not winning any competitive Oscars saying how wonderful it felt when you win one after so many nominations both had been unsuccessful until their fifth nomination led them to victory – this left an important message that even though some people go through life without ever receiving recognition or accolades.

This year has been a rewarding one for Lucas. He was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama in July 2013, Honorary Membership of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers at October 2014’s ceremony, he received induction into Disney Legends on August 2015 with many other celebrities including James Earl Jones who voiced Darth Vader from Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). On December 6th last month, he became an honoree to The Kennedy Center Honors; which is where George Clooney picked up his Cecil B DeMille award this past Sunday night.

In just three years’ time since receiving Hollywood’s highest honor-the Academy Awards Lifetime Achievement Award -George Lucas continues to make history as we are witnessing him receive honors.

George Lucas is a well-known director and producer who has amassed an estimated $10 billion fortune through his work in the film industry.

George Lucas, with net worth of about 10 billion dollars, is one of America’s most successful filmmakers. He was born on May 14th 1944 to middle class parents living near Modesto California; George grew up loving movies from early childhood (Lucas). With no formal training or education he started out as window dresser at Sears before moving onto Industrial Light & Magic where he made special effects for films such as “American Graffiti” Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back , Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom .

George Lucas Net Worth Is $10 billion

The world’s richest celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles. But the stories of how they got to where they are now might surprise you. From J.K. Rowlingt, who started out as a backup singer and dancer, to Oprah Winfrey, whose talk show was canceled in 2011 but had an immediate comeback due to her powerful voice on social media. If there is one thing these 10+ rich people have learned after all this time it’s that money can’t buy happiness…but it sure does help! Which celebrity do you admire most? Let us know in the comment section below or share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

The 10 richest celebrities in the world have made their fortunes through a variety of means, from founding and running companies to sporting contracts to entertainment. While some are still living on top of the list, others like J.K Rowling have fallen off over time as they’ve given away much more than they’ve earned since then. With so many different ways for stars to make money these days it’s hard to say how long any one person will stay at number 1 but this is what we know about today’s most wealthy entertainers! Who do you think would be on your personal list? What was your favorite part about reading this post?

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