10 most creative Ankara outfits

We Nigerians cannot get enough of Ankara.

The 100% cotton material is worn by almost everybody throughout the country and all over West Africa and just when you think you have seen everything people are able to do with Ankara, they surprise you and do even more.

The brightly coloured cloth is patterned with tribal style patterns and motifs which makes it look distinctly African despite it being modelled on Indonesian Batik and mass produced by the Dutch when they colonised Indonesia in the 1800’s. The history of Ankara is as colourful as the material itself.

Nowadays, young designers have breathed new life into the material and are using it in a variety of exciting ways. Here’s some of the most creative and who knows, you might find some inspiration for your next outfit.

Ankara Crop Jumpsuit

Beyonce Ankara
Ankara Cape Jumpsuit
Ankara Coat Dress
Ankara Gown
Ankara High Neck Dress
Ankara Bodycon Dress
Ankara Crop Top
Ankara Midi Wrap Dress
Ankara Suits

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