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You want to make money online are you are think of way you can do that right? That is a good idea, you maybe looking for way to earn money to foot your bills, aside your salary that might have budget before you are paid.

Making money online and ways of making the money are simple and difficult sometimes, why do I say it’s simple because all the things you need to start making money are things you can easily get around you but the word difficult sometimes that I said has to do with the rate of scam outside today, be careful of what you might wish to do online so that you won’t fall victim of any of the scam outside there.

We are going to provide you the top ten best ways to make money online here in Nigeria. Have it at the back of your mind that you need to work hard if you want to earn a better money here online, that is just the fact, not that easy as people do say but it will if you can work hard. Here are the top 10 ways to make money online in Nigeria.

1. Start Blog or Vlog

The first way that we people should think of is starting a successful blog or vlog. what do I mean by this, firstly let’s have a brief discussion about what blog and vlog is.

A Blog is a passion discussion website which is published on the world wide web(www) containing discrete usually informal diary style text or post from the writer to the reader while Vlog is a short form of video blog, is a blog which the process as to do with video and it comes in term of web television.

Blog And Vlog

All i want you to understand is that blog are made up of text, digital images and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic.

Types of Blog

There are different type of blog out there today. The types are: Personal blog, Group blog, Micro blog, Corporate blog, Reverse blog and Aggregated blog. The main two we are going to talk about is Personal blog and Group blog.

Personal blog: personal blog is a blog run by individual not an organization or corporate group of people. Personal blog post are written and published by individual.

Group blog: Group blog is a blog run by group of people or organization. Which means that post are written and published by multiple authors.

One of the best ways to make money in Nigeria is selling a designs and creative online. You need to know as a great designer and innovator who is looking for ways to earn money for his or her profession. There are various platforms where you can sell your designs and creative. Selling your designs and creative online through platforms is one of the best option for you to make money from your profession.

Are you a genius in creating modern logos, pamphlets, websites, business cards, invitation cards, 3D designs etc. It will be so good for you to know different platform to sell your design and creative to online.

We are going to show you different platform where you can sell your designs and creatives online. Some of the platform are: Fiverr, ArtFire,  Designhill, Zazzle, Art Web, Threadless, Esty, Saachi, Creative Market, Inprint, Design By Humans,  My Fonts, Design Cuts, Society 6, CafePress, PixApp, Gela Skins, Graphics Leftovers, Graphics River and Redbubble. Before we go to the next one, let’s have a little explanations on some of the platform provided for your to sell your designs and creatives.

Fiverr: Fiverr is a platform known to be meant for freelancers from the very first time for them to be able to sell their services and find work to do. Now the platform is one of the best place to sell you design and creative online.

Gela Skins: Gela skin is a place where genius graphics designer who design for iPhones, iPads and Tablet sells their graphics design.

INPRINT: Inprint is also one of the best site to see your design. All you need to do on this site is sign up and submit some of your best graphics design to get approval to start working on their site.

Zazzle: Zazzle is a meeting pot to sell your graphic design to many audience. This site allow user to sell different designs such as sell of design T-shirts, posters, business cards, calendars, stamps, tote bags, and many more.

Threadless: Threadless is a site that allowed people to open their own artist shop without taking any money from them. Their mission in this site is to allow you to sell your design work online.

Almost Everybody want to be a house owner, rent, lease properties here in Nigeria. These are the reason why list on property website is one of the ways to make money in Nigeria.

You can make money on list property website either you are a property owners, Realtors, Agent, Broker etc, all you need to do is to post the property you want to sell, rent or lease on the property website either by free or not but am sure you are going to pay for the advertisement.

We are going to drop you some of the website where you can do that to make money. Some of the website are:

• Realtor NG

• Private Property

• Hutbay

• Propertify Nigeria

• Property 24

• Nigeria Property Market

• Lamudi

• Naija Property

• To Let

• Propertypro.ng

• Nigeria Property Center

• Realtors Not

• Property Index

• Castles

• Zoomek

• Lands.ng etc.

All you need to do is to check any of the website dropped above to get it done easily without any stress.

4. Publish Books Online

Hope you are good a writer?, once you are a good writer, you are good to go in making money online by publishing your books online. We have so many site where you can sell your books online to earn, some of the site are:

• Shopify

• PayLoadz

• Blurb

• BookRik

• Smarshwords

• Hook Press

• Amazon Kindle Direct Publish

• Feiyr

• Apple Ebook Store

• Payhip

• Tradebit

• Selz

• Lulu

• Kobo Writing Life

• Scribd

• E-Junkie

• Gumroad

• BookTangle

• Clickbank

• BookBaby

5. Sell on E-commerce Websites

Selling on E-commerce website is one of the great ways to make money in Nigeria today. To those that doesn’t know what E-commerce is, E-commerce is normally written as Electronic commerce. E-commerce is a activity electronically that enable firms and private individual to trade online or over the internet.

E-commerce website is a website that serve as meeting pot where people can buy and sell product on the internet.

It’s obvious that people didn’t like to stress their selves now adays to get what they want and I believe if you are to choose either you are going to talk a walk to get what you need or you go online to make an order, I definitely believe what you will choose is to shop online. So, if you have any product you want to sell or buy kindly make use of e-commerce instead of you stressing yourself. E-commerce operating market are classify into four different sectors.

The sectors are:

• Business To Consumer

• Business To Business

• Consumer To Consumer

• Consumer To Business

Here are the example of the E-commerce where you can buy and sell your products.

• Amazon

• Jet

• eBay

• Walmart

• Etsy

6. Affiliate Marketing

According to our source, Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business commission one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Join the affiliate marketing program to start making huge money online today into your bank. We have so many affiliation marketing programs but here are the bests affiliate marketing program of all time. They are:

• Amazon Affiliate Program

• Jumia Affiliate Program

• Konga Affiliate Program

• AliExpress Affiliate Program

• Shopify Affiliate Program

7. Render Professional Services Online

There are several professional services you can offer online to make your cool cash in Nigeria. Some of the service you can offer to earn money are: you can be a writer, broker, designer, survey, delivery agent, driver, teacher, artist etc.

Sites to render your services should not be a problem because we are going to give you some site where you can offer your services to earn. Some of the sites are: Guru, Upwork, Freelancer, 99Designs, Freelanced, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Crowdsite, ArtWanted, FlexJobs, Rat Race Rebellion, Mechanical Turk, Wonolo, TaskRabbit, EnvatoStudio, Aquent, DesignHill, GetACoder, FreelancerMap, SideCar, SkillBridge, Arise, JustAnswer, Uber etc. You can register for any of the site to working in order to earn money.

8. Virtual Tutor

Accoeding to our source, Virtual tutoring takes the traditional tutoring activity of a teacher or subject-matter expert assisting a student in a particular topic area, and puts the interaction online. Basically, where a traditional tutoring session would take place in-person, virtual tutoring happens online. You can also make money being a virtual tutor.

There are so many virtual Tutor website, some of them are Preply, Chegg, Club Z, Skooli, etutorworld, Khan Academy, Learn to Be, Revolution Prep, TutorEye, TutorMe etc. You can also start your own online tutor to start making money too.

9. Online Surveys

You need to know what online survey is, if it may sweet you to know the meaning of online survey, online survey is a structured questionnaire that your target audience completes over the internet generally through a filling out a form. Join the number of people that make money being a online survey today. Online Survey best paying sites are: PrizeRebel, MintVine, Swagbucks, Pinecone Research, Inbox Dollar etc.

10. Apps & Websites Testing

Apps and websites testing is another amazing way you can make money in Nigeria. Here are some of the sites where you can work as apps and websites testing and get paid. They are User Testing, UTest, WhatUsersDo, User Test, Enroll, UserFeel, StartUpLift, TryMyUI etc.

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